You may see an error indicating that taskbar clear windows are displayed. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about shortly. System Tray Cleaner is an online tool that lets you filter out unnecessary icons from your system’s plastic tray (bottom-right side of your own screen). It displays a description of each icon, identifies the program that gives you the icon, and gives you a basic option to uninstall the program or simply uninstall it at startup.


system tray cleaner windows

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, with Windows XP, all editions and 64-bit 32-bit

Open the settings app.Click Personalization.Click on the taskbar.Click Turn icons on or off on the taskbar.Click the toggle buttons to turn it on if you want the icon to appear in your awesome system tray, or turn it off so that the icon is not displayed.

System Tray Cleaner is a truly online tool to help anyone remove unwanted icons from your multi-level tray (bottom right of your screen). It displays a description of each icon, identifies the program in which the icon is displayed, and gives the user the option to uninstall or simply uninstall tools at startup.

Compared to other utilities, System Tray Cleaner takes a different or better approach to removing system tray clutter. It helps you view and remove icons in the status bar as quickly as possible, and it is an online prop that pulls information about what each icon does from Wikipedia, so your website will never be in the dark as to whether you need or no icon or not.

Here are the best ways to clear your system cache using CCleaner. Just select this cleaning tab, then scroll down to p In the “Advanced” section, select “Notification cache in the status bar” and run the cleaner. After that, be sure to restart your computer.

The system tray cleaner is often the best tool for keeping the console panel clean, as it best shows the meaning of each individual icon. This is often very difficult to find with various tools.

A simple and handy tool that helps you quickly and easily manage and remove unnecessary items right from the taskbar.

The Windows taskbar is located only on the Windows taskbar at the far right corner of your computer’s projection screen. It contains miniature icons for easy access to system functions such as antivirus settings, printer, modem, audio depth, battery status, etc.

As the logo of this software suggests, System Tray Cleaner allows you to manage the items that normally appear on your system media. The tool can be easily repaired users of any skill level.

After installation, you can access the program through the new taskbar and allow the taskbar cleaner to display information only for the physical object taskbar area or for all runtime programs (in the default web browser).

This way you can check the scene, icon, executable, description and small name of each element. Once you select a feature, you will most likely remove it from the program or exit (the system status icon will disappear).

In addition, you can take technical information into account such as character areas, version, encryption mode, computer size, minimum, average and maximum memory usage recorded, startup time, total processor night, imported functions, and more. other.

system tray cleaner windows

You can also enable the systray cleaner to send you notifications of new items on the taskbar and launch them automatically at system startup, as well as check daily for tool updates.


Easy to useAnd the platform requires a small amount of system resources, has a decent response time and did not freeze, freeze or generate errors during our own testing. There is also help for starter content snapshots that a person can view online. Without a doubt, the best downside to System Tray Cleaner is that you always need a working internet connection. We recommend this program to almost all users.


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