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    If you’re experiencing the colinux touch device error on your PC, you should check out these troubleshooting tips.

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    tap device not found colinux

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    If you have a private connection, such as at home, you can run a virus scan on your device to make sure it’s not infected with malware.

    If you are in a very nice office or on a public network, you can ask your network administrator to run a network scan to look for misconfigured or infected devices.

    Via TAP Win32 Network Driver[]


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    Without a network connection, coLinux will be useless. However, since it infiltrates Windows and needs to cooperate, it won’t just steal the network connection.e. Instead, it acts like a separate connected computer and more like a network.

    tap device not found colinux

    The network-tap-win32 driver is a really weird little thing that allows a process on your laptop or desktop (such as coLinux) to connect to your PC, just like (Windows) does when splitting . The computer will be connected via a cellular network. This way you can get a generic hyperlink between Windows and coLinux with relative ease.

    There is a general problem with the TAP-Win32 driver during coLinux installation: the TAP-Win32 installation dialog loses focus and hides under other windows, giving the most important impression that the installer might hang. You can find the isolated window by pressing ALT-TAB until you find a window that says you are the unsigned owner of the car. Just click OK.


    Set the TAP device option and the installer will install the main device and the colinux-net-daemon.exe file (required in the corresponding Tap-Networking).Test[]


    After Setting The Logo, You Will Get A Test Question About The Windows Logo,which You Will Need To Confirm Frequently. If You Do Not Confirm This, You Will Not Be Able To Use The Generic TAP Driver Afterwards.

    Installation Guide (GUI)[]

    To install the TAP-Win32 driver, run the Found New Hardware Wizard, which can be accessed through Control Panel->Add Hardware. I started with the manuals that came with coLinux, but my build was slightly different, but had a real general trend: suppose you end up plugging in hardware, select “Add a new primary hardware device” from the “Installed Hardware” menu. , “Install any large box at home, I manually select from a large list”, item “Network hardware adapter”, press the button “Install from disk …”, try the TAP-Win32 and OemWin2k directory, select and complete the installation. Now if you go to Control Panel -> Network Connections under ‘Local Area Network or Broadband Internet’ you should see a ‘Local Connection’ section named deviceva TAP-Win32 Adapter. Make sure this option is enabled before trying to start co Linux. Windows might give you an error about disconnecting a real network device, but you can just ignore it, because buyers will “attach” coLinux to it very soon.

    Uninstall Guide (GUI)[]

    • Go to my computer
    • Right click
    • Properties
    • Device Manager
    • then, in the “Network adapters” category, select the specific device to remove
    • then right click
    • delete
    • everything is ready

    Tapcontrol.- Exe On The Command Line[]

    Tapcontrol.exe can be used to test, create, update, and remove the cmd.exe command-line tap operator. Check

    # to see if Tap is actually installed.C:coLinuxnetdriver>tapcontrol.exe hwids TAP0801coROOTNET003    Name: TAP Win32 V8 adapter (coLinux)    Hardware IDs:        Matching faucet0801coFound 1 device.# Update the latest driverC:coLinuxnetdriver>tapcontrol.exe Update OemWin2k.inf Install tap0801co# another interfaceC:coLinuxnetdriver>tapcontrol.exe Buy OemWin2k.TAP0801coUpdated inf drivers for TAP0801co provided by C:coLinuxnetdriverOemWin2k.inf.C:coLinuxnetdriver>tapcontrol.exe hwids TAP0801coROOTNET003    Name: TAP Win32 V8 adapter (coLinux)    Hardware IDs:        TAP0801coROOTNET004    Name: TAP Win32 V8 adapter (coLinux) #2    Hardware IDs:        TAP0801coFound 2 identical devices.# Remove all colinux interfaces.# (I plan to test this with OemWin2k.inf which is taken from openvpn.# Use openvpn named TAP0801.# This should not change the touch UI created by others# Applications and INF configuration files.)C:coLinuxnetdriver>tapcontrol.exe removes TAP0801coROOTNET003

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.