If you did not find the requested URL /sitemap_index.xml on this server, this guide may help you.


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    Divide up your large sitemaps. You can use sitemap index data to submit multiple sitemaps at the same time. Also, the XML files for the sitemap index file are very similar to the XML layout for the sitemap file. The following XML tags are used in the sitemap index file: sitemapindex – The parent label wraps around the file.

    the requested url /sitemap_index.xml was not found on this server

    Update Structure Permalink

    Firstly, resetting the structure permalink can sometimes fix a 404 error very quickly due to a recent change in your hardware. As an administrator, go to > Settings > Permalinks and click Save without trading anything. See this guide for more information.

    Creating an XML or HTML sitemap is no longer a problem. There are a large number of sitemap generators and plugins that you always use. However, if they are not properly organized and presented properly, you may experience a series of mishaps. This guide explains some common mistakes and how to fix these types of people in order to successfully submit Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools. After successfully attaching o Otherwise, you usually need to resubmit the sitemap.

    Update your permalink structure.There is no content for a specific sitemap.There are no rewrite rules. Using the Apache server. Using an NGINX server.Check if sitemaps are enabled.

    Error 404: Page Not Found

    If the XML sitemap refers to a 404: Page Not Found error, Yoast may recommend adding that it is linked to a piece of code to solve each of our problems. The Yoast SEO plugin itself has a solution that changes in the .htaccess file no more than in the “SEO > Tools > Editor” file.

    – Plugin Optimization

    You should look first of all at the most simple things. Go to the Yoast SEO plugin settings and disable the XML sitemap. Clear your website’s log storage cache and completely remove it from the website. Sign in securely and re-enable the XML sitemap. This might just fix the Yoast WordPress SEO Sitemap 404 error.

    the requested url /sitemap_index.xml was not found on this server

    Why Sitemap_index.xml Throws A 404 Error?

    A 404 error simply means “the sitemap index does not exist”. in addition to individual sitemaps. The Google bot waits for 175 OK responses and fetches every few website URLs via the lodge sitemap submitted. Instead, it generates a 404 error as soon as it can’t find the sitemap_index.xml.


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    The sitemap you submitted to Google Search Console has our own “Unable to retrieve” status. What does this method mean? The sitemap could not be read error usually means one of three things is happening:

    Are you trying to fix the 404 Yoast SEO sitemap error in WordPress?