Here are some simple techniques that can help you decide that a field name is not a known error in Crystal Reports.


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    g.This error can potentially occur in a Crystal State formula if the field is currently being removed from export, or if there is a typo in the field name. Answer: check the rule to make sure the correct profession is being used. If so, make sure the job is included in the export.




    My record selection formula has been around since then, I justified it for this error:

      reportDocument.RecordSelectionFormula is "@ClientName = 'Smith'" 

    When I copy this exact select statement in Crystal the preview is good, but after starting .NET I get

    “This name is not known for sure.”

      formula = aw_illust.CL1LNAM 

    I can only set one blank field at a time (formula line = “”) and it’s still there

    “This market name is unknown.”

    And here’s another weird thing: if I go around the formula and paste the component text directly into .NET, everything works fine.

      reportDocument.RecordSelectionFormula = "aw_illust.CL1LNAM means" Smith "" 

    This is the same entry with a selection, but the “ @ClientName ” formula has been corrected with “ aw_illust.CL1LNAM “. This is exactly what happens to the one I am reporting, many people in other Crystal Reports work with recipes specified in .NET. Ideas?



    Reproduce The Problem




    “UNKNOWN FIELDS”, CR, KBA, BI-RA-CR, Crystal Reports Designer or possibly Business View Manager, problem


    SAP Crystal Reports 2013 … SAP Crystal Reports 2016; SAP Crystal Reports 2020

    • This professional name is unknown.
    • If you check your formula, you will receive an error message indicating that the main field is unknown.
    • If the current report is updated, it will not work with that specific fielderrors, name unknown.
    • When refreshing or saving a report in Crystal Reports, the following error occurs: “This field name should not be known.”
    • SAP Kristall 2013 reports
    • Great SAP Reports 2016
    • SAP announces Crystal 2020
    1. Create a report in Crystal Reports headquartered in any data source.
    2. Create your own formula.
    3. When trying to save or validate a specific formula, an error is thrown: “This place name is unknown.”
      It also often happens that the report is updated.
      A A
    • This error if:
      • Fields in the zone database do not exist in the database; or
      • Syntax error if keyboard can handle collection field name; or
      • French wall brackets () are used in the database field used in your formula.
    • Note. Crystal Reports uses French as the field separator in parentheses. Therefore, although the database field also contains French brackets, Crystal Reports cannot detect the end of the field nameor a formula, since the closing French group appears before the end of the database field name. Data.

      For example, the name of the index table is customer. The “Customer” table contains the following fields:

      – Name
      – Address
      – Address 2

      In the Crystal Reports Formula Editor, Name is selected and looks simply like this :

      this field name is not known error in crystal reports

      Crystal Reports wraps a table field and is created with French brackets. When the mixture is evaluated, it tries to open the French parenthesis to find the start of the database field name until it reaches the Dutch closing parenthesis. Once all the content related to the French parentheses has been found, those people will be replaced with the advantage contained in that database field.

      In the new Crystal Reports Formula Editor, you can select Address 2, which appears in the following display format:



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      The formula tries to find Address 2, but cannot find it. Parentheses starting with a closing parenthesis in French usually appear after 2, so the database field looks like Customer.Address {2… When evaluating a formula, you receive the “Field name unknown” error message.

    • How to solve the problem:
    1. Confirm that the syntax of the database field is correct.
    2. Make sure the database field contains the correct database.
    3. Make sure the database field does not fully use French brackets in the place name.
  • If the database field definitely contains French Braket in the subject, you can fill in the following to resolve this unique situation:
    1. Create an SQL expression field to use in a formula instead of using the discipline directly in the database; or
    2. Rename the name of the database field on the database page; or
    3. Create a statement object or stored procedure and create a reliable alias for the database field that contains french brackets.
  • Create an SQL expression field using Crystal Reports.

    To create an SQL expression field and use it in a formula instead of directly using a customer base field, follow all the steps:

    1. From the Insert menu, choose Object Field. This will launch the “Explorer” field.
    2. In any Field Selector Browser, click SQL Expression Fields, then click the New tab. Note that the SQL Expression Fields option appears only if ODBC is being used to connect to a specific database.
    3. Enter a name in the SQL Expression Name box, such as Address2, then click OK.
    4. In the SQL field in any of our expression editors, select the name of the database playground that contains French brackets.
    5. Save and close the SQL statement.

      Why have you now created an SQL expression for a database field that is parenthesized, also create a formula, use an SQL expression field instead of a database field. SQL expression fields in Crystal Reports are usually preceded by a% character.

      NOTE. The next sentence requires a good knowledge of your list and SQL syntax. If you are unsure, contact your database administrator for the next solution.

  • Rename the name of the database field in the database to.

    To rename the name of the base fieldto ensure that it does not contain French installation media, consult your database manual or your database administrator.
    After the arena database name has changed, you should take a look at the truly verified database in Crystal Reports.

    this field name is not known error in crystal reports

    To check the database, do the following:

    1. Connect to database.
    2. From the Database menu, select the Validate Database option.
    3. After making sure the database has been checked and modified, the changes will create a formula based on the subject of the newly renamed field.
  • Create an administrative object or stored procedure and create a nice alias for the database field that contains french brackets. To create a stored procedure that uses an alias, refer to the database manual or your current database administrator.


    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Solution 1. Make sure you have the full version of Crystal installed on your workstation. The error message can certainly appear when accessing certain runtime libraries from your workstation’s network. Solution 2: Check the printer configuration.

    1 answer. Double-click the Travel field and enter the desired name.