When troubleshooting wireless networks, you may encounter a message that you can’t access the Internet. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will look at now.


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    Test your WiFi on different machines.Reboot your modem and router.Try another suitable Ethernet cable.See who can use your Wi-Fi.Update the related hardware.Call your ISP.Reset your router settings to default.

    Do you see the dreaded Windows 10 or Windows 11 internet connection icon telling you that you can’t access the internet? You are probably wondering how to successfully deal with this annoying Windows error.

    Network Troubleshooting Settings Can Help

    This is fromIt has to do with your computer’s connection to the Internet, and Windows network troubleshooting is definitely one of the first things to try in this case. While this solution won’t work for everyone, it won’t hurt anyone.

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    WiFi connected No internet error If more than one device is affected by the problem, the cause may be related to one of the following problems: There is a problem with the router or hub. Wireless network problem (test your heart with a network cable first) ISP is not working.

    Connected To Wi-Fi, But Not To The Internet? What’s The Problem?

    This problem is that this computer, mobile phone, or phone can connect to a Wi-Fi provider, but can’t connect to make sure you’re connected to the Internet. If you’re experiencing these issues, our “Wi-Fi connected but poor internet connection” message appears on your ISP’s page and may at least only work on connected devices Wow, there is probably a problem with the Wi-Fi adapter. This can be easily resolved using the built-in troubleshooter, which is in turn included in Windows and Mac.

    WiFi Connected No Internet Error

    It is important to check if it copes with the case when the site has a problem or set of devices. If this particular issue occurs on multiple devices, the cause must be related to one of the following:

    troubleshoot wireless network no internet access

    Wi-Fi Connection, No Internet. What Does This Mean And How Does It Work? See?

    The WiFi No Internet error basically means that your client device (for example, iPhone, Android phone, or this Windows PC) has successfully obtained a new local IP address similar to that of your WiFi router (for example, ). 0. But 101) there is something that can prevent him from connecting to the Internet via a terminated WiFi (in other words, to the WAN via LAN).

    The internet is certainly great as long as you can get online. When you experience internet connection problems, you are likely to encounter a few things. Either your computer says it doesn’t come back to the internet at all, or it says there is a trusted connection but you can’t access the internet. For those with a mobile connection, you may see a new “Wi-Fi connected but no internet” error message, which now means that your device/computer and router/modem are properly connected, but there will be no internet connection. In order to solve this problem, we need to decide if the problem is an isolated time for the device or if it affects the entire network. Knowing this unique information will determine the steps you need to take to resolve your issue.

    Only One Device Cannot Access The Internet

    On the other hand, if only one of your tracking devices cannot connect to the Internet, even if it is connected to WiFi, the problem is usually caused by one from the followingCommon problems:

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