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    You should check out these troubleshooting tips if you are getting an error in order to troubleshoot Efax ports on your PC. Faxes and fax modems have an ‘EXT’ port. It connects an extension phone or stays connected to the same call (and phone jack) as the device. You can connect a telephone or an answering machine to the EXT socket. It works the same way when connected to the same smartphone jack as the fax machine.


    troubleshooting efax ports

    The purpose of this document is to provide a basic troubleshooting guide for Cisco Fax Relay. The technical details of faxing and fax forwarding are not covered in detail here, but you should be prepared to troubleshoot the most common fax forwarding problems associated with them. Cisco Fax Analysis and Fax Forwarding is also provided.



    troubleshooting efax ports

    Readers of this document should be aware that Cisco IOS® gateways can use several methods to route fax calls over the packet telephony network:

  • Send a one-page text fax for black and white wine to 1-888-hpfaxme (1-888-473-2963). If HP Test Fax usually receives your fax, we will most likely resend the fax to you within five minutes, confirming that we received your fax. This allows you to check who is sending and sending the fax on your fax machine.

    Cisco Fax Relay

  • Can I transfer my existing fax number to eFax? Yes! One of the advantages of eFax ® is that in many cases you can enjoy all the convenience and cost savings associated with sending faxes over the Internet without having to give up buying a pre-installed fax number.

    ForwardFax T.38

  • Fax forwarding

  • Fax acceleration

  • Make sure the phone cord is plugged in.The assigned “line-in” jack on the back of most fax machines to a wall outlet. If the cord does not fully connect to the fax or power outlet, or if it does not fit into the Line jack, this is probably the source of your frustration. Move or connect the cord correctly.

    Save and forward T.37 fax

  • In general, there are three packet telephony technologies in use today, collectively referred to as Voice over “X” (VoX):

  • Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Frame Relay (VoFR)-like language

  • Voice over ATM (VoATM)

  • This information focuses on Cisco proprietary fax relaying versus Cisco IOS gateways that operate on VoIP networks. T.38 Fax Relay and even other VoX technologies are also frequently mentioned.

    Components Used


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    The guidance in this document is based on Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(5) by default, although most of the information is also useful for other releases of Cisco IOS Software.

    Some debug information comes from a new Cisco ios gateway running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(7). This issue is noted in the debug part of this document.

    The specifications presented in this document were originally created for devicesin a dedicated laboratory environment. All mobile devices used in this document have been downloaded if this is a suppressed (default) configuration. If the person is on a live network, be sure to be aware of the potential failure of the command before using it.


    For more reports on document conventions, see Cisco Tech Tips Conventions.

    Fax Overview And Forwarding

    The most common reason why faxes are not being detected is because you specified the wrong email cover page for receiving faxes sov in your account settings. To check the email address to which you received faxes: Log in to eFax MyAccount. Change your email address to match your payment, or enter a new email address in any blank field.

    Most of today’s fax machines are Group 3 certified. Fax Group 3 is a standards-based technology primarily based on the ITU T.4 and T.30 recommendations. T.4 refers to how your fax image is encoded by the actual fax machine and the device, T.30 describes, I would say, fax negotiation and protocol communication.

    Group 3 fax machines are designed for use on all public switched telephone networks (PSTN). Because the PSTN was designed for human speech only, Group 3 uses analog coding or modulation.These signals are the same as an analog modem. Analog nodes and fax machines are digital devices that must use a modulated analog signal to transmit digital data over the PSTN. This modulated indicator can usually be heard as many different audio tones.

    Gateways on the same VOX network initially handle voice and fax calls in the same way. Both types of calls cause the gateway to, I would say, load the voice preservation codec configured in the digital signaling product (DSP). For more information about DSP, see Hardware: C542 and C549 Digital Voice Processors (DSPs).

    Voice codec compression is primarily a high codec compression, so more bandwidth is used for each mental call. High compression codecs such as G729 and G723 are optimized for speech and compress speech to low bandwidth (8 kbps without G.729 overhead) but retain quality, but G.729 and other codecs are useful. High compression codecs are not the best for faxing. Actually deHowever, modulated signals from facsimile transmissions may not pass correctly with many codecs, resulting in fax requests not being processed. For more information about codec compression, see Voice over IP – Bandwidth consumption per call.

    To have a possibility

    Faxes will be transmitted successfully when using codecs with a lower compression ratio or no data compression (for example, G.726 and then G.711 without echo or de-detection of voice activity) . This method of transmitting a fax over a single voice codec is commonly referred to as in-band fax or fax relay. A technique known as upscaling helps the gateway load the voice compression codec configured in the corresponding DSP for voice calls normally and adapt it to the low data compression codec when facsimile tones are detected.

    The error (communication error) can have several causes: the call was interrupted before the fax could be sent. Usually this error occurs when most callers hang up. The dispatch service has tried unsuccessfully to send the real message several times.

    In the case of an in-band fax, the natively modulated signal is processed by a codec on the provider’s router and sent encrypted over the VoX network as if it were a voice sample. Then the check is canceledWe decode the sticker and display it on the cancellation fax. Various fax relay destinations. Is it a protocol that terminates the modulated signal, extracts the digital information itself, and then specifically transmits the digital information over a data link with data packets? On the tap side, the digital information is often removed from the packet, modulated, and executed.

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    Program your full 10-digit transmission number into your fax machine.Send any test faxes to 1-855-FX-CANON (1-855-392-2666).Once each department has received your fax, a test page will be sent as a route to the fax number programmed into your main unit. This process usually takes from a few to 3 minutes.

    Try reinstalling the cable (RJ11 mobile phone cable) between the fax machine and normally ATA. This cable must necessarily use the LINE1 ATA port and of course be connected to the line jack/port (not telephone) of the fax machine. Sometimes a bad cable causes this problem, so a new RJ11 phone cable can help.