Sometimes your computer may generate an error indicating a Twain scanner error. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.

g.Twain is actually an acronym for “interesting unnamed technology.” The Twain standard is used to accurately extract images from a scanner or digital camera in a software application that understands this method.




Back to one more hourthen the question asked from our technical support team.

“I am trying to scan a document, but I still get a TWAIN error.”

Problems with the TWAIN driver, indicating that the computer does not recognize the reader driver and the Scan Workstation reports the problem. However, problems with the TWAIN driver are not caused by the scanning workstation.

The TWAIN driver is software that controls the communication between the PC and the best scanner.

Updating or restarting the scanner may cause the new scanner to no longer recognize the TWAIN driver. To fix this problem, your company should try the following:

  • Try restarting each of our scanners, or unplug the scanner from the workstation and plug it back in.
  • Open TWAIN, the driver that you installed with your scanner, and check these specific scanner settings.
  • Update the TWAIN driver from the manufacturer’s website. This
  • Make sure other applications can scan on your computer.
  • Uninstall the scanner software and even reinstall it.
  • If there is no reason to fix the TWAIN error, contact your scanner manufacturer for device-specific fixes.

    This is a general TWAIN error. This usually means that the main scanner is disabled or some other internal problem with the scanner.

    Check the analysis first to see if it is derived and restart to fix the problem.

    If it runs out, this does not solve the problem, it will be considered that the scanner has another problem. For example, a document feeder or a problem.

    These types of errors are not detected by TWAIN, so EzeScan does not support this situation. EzeScan

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    1. Close the vendor’s scanning utility (usually supplied with the TWAIN driver), for example: for Kodak this is the scan validation tool, for Fujitsu this is ScandAll.
    2. Perform the exact same scan as you were in EzeScan. After that, the scanner application should display another message describing our problem.
    3. Please accept this information and provide a support channel from your vendor forshields.

    If the problem is not serious when using the utility and when using EzeScan, it is most likely an EzeScan problem.

    Contact ezescan video support for further troubleshooting.


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    Symptoms Or Errors

    Try restarting the scanner or disabling workstation protection and reconnecting this item.Open the TWAIN driver that your company installed with the scanner and go to the scanner settings.Update the TWAIN driver from the manufacturer’s website.Check if other programs are scanning your computer.

    Streaming a 32-bit iPhone app connected to a scanner to a Windows 7 64-bit tool uses Offline Client 6.7 and Streaming Profiler 6.7. An open streaming application cannot connect to the TWAIN scanner. The problem only occurs with scanners and with all scanner software.

    twain scanner error

    For example, in IrfanView it is important:

    The error issue does not occur if the same application is profiled and served by a 32-word Windows 7 client.


    To resolve this issue, copy the registry key to use it for x64:

    Attention! Read the warning at the end of this exam before usingUse the registry editor.

    HKLM Software Classes Interface E5332A98-80FD-463C-80E4-A8E370752906 as path to HKLM Software Wow6432Node Classes Interface E5332A98-80FD-463C-80E4-A8E370752906

    The registration is almost the same regardless of how the scanner is started.

    Add the following registry key:

    1. Create a new file using a composition editor (such as Notepad) and manually simulate the following file contents:

      Windows Registry Application 5.00

      twain scanner error

      [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Wow6432Node Interface E5332A98-80FD -463C- 80E4-A8E370752906] @ = “IStiWow64Device”

      [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Wow6432Node Interface E5332A98-80FD-463C-80E4-A8E370752906


      WKEY_CLES E5332A98-80FD-463C-80E4-A8E370752906 ProxyStubClsid32] @ = “4DB1AD10-3391-11D2-9A33-00C04FA36145”

    2. Backup file and make sure the .reg extension is applied. For example: new_file.reg.
    3. A closed folder.

    4. Double-click the newly created .File registry to transfer it to the Windows Registry.

    Cause Of The Problem

    UnknownCLSID (Globally Unique Identifier used to identify a COM class object) found inThe Wow6432Node registry, which the expert claimsov, requested access to the scheduled interface. it’s necessaryIStiWow64 device.

    Additional Resources


    be careful! Incorrect use of Registry Editor can cause serious problems that may require reinstalling the operating system. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from improper use of Registry Can Editor can be resolved. Use the registry at your own risk. Feel free to save the registry before changing it.

    When streaming a 32-bit workload connected to a scanner, it uses a good Windows 7 64-bit gadget, Offline Client 6.7, and Streaming Profiler 6.7. The open streaming application cannot help you connect to the TWAIN scanner. The problem occurs with every scanner and every browser software.

    The issue does not occur if all applications are profiled and streamed on a 32-bit Windows 7 client.

    To To solve this problem, copy the following key registers to most x64 target devices:

    Attention! Please read the disclaimer at the end of this key facts article before using Registry Editor.

    Note. The registration key is independent of the scanner manufacturer.

    1. Create a new file using a composition editor (such as Notepad) and copy the following content to the registry:

      Windows 5.00 Editor Registry

      [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Wow6432Node Interface E5332A98 -80FD- 463C- 80E4-A8E370752906] @ = “IStiWow64Device”

      [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Wow6432Node Interface E5332A98-80FD-463C-80E4-A8E370 “” Methods “

      @ <" Methods / p> > Number

      [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Wow6432Node Interface E5332A98-80FD-463C-80E4-A8E370752906 ProxyStubClsid32] @ = “4DB1AD10-3391-11D2-9A33-00C04p> 36145 / li>

    2. Back up the file and make sure you are using the .reg extension. For example: new_file.reg.
    3. A closed folder.

    4. Double-click the newly created .File registry to transfer it to the Windows Registry.



    When scanning HP TWAIN, a Windows® Firewall service error message is displayed. The Windows ® Firewall service normally needs to be started for HP TWAIN Scan to function properly. If HP TWAIN Scan displays a message that the current scanning device cannot speak.

    Method 1:Open the hardware and peripheral troubleshooter:Method 2:Disable security software: