Recently, some of our users reported that they cannot view their inbox in Outlook 2010.


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    Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Microsoft Outlook 2010 Microsoft Business Productivity Online Specialized Microsoft Business Productivity Online Federal Outlook Suite for Office 365 Outlook 2019 More … Less

    Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Microsoft Outlook 2010 Microsoft Business Productivity Online Specialized Microsoft Business Productivity Online Federal Outlook for creating Office 365 Outlook 2019 More … Less

    Details are not actually removed, but often not visible. To resolve this crisis, slightly change the filter options.

    Filtering options vary. However, some of the most common filtering options are as follows:


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    In short:
    If I move a directory to another user’s mailbox (probably the same mailbox), the folder disappears.
    This is It doesn’t happen by itself. Mailbox.

    1. The Full Control assigned to the user corresponds to the user’s mailbox
    2. If the user has opened Outlook 2010, they can scan the user’s email address in addition to their own mailbox.
    3. underEmail USER Mailbox Inbox, try a new folder named _test. create
    4. new subfolder is now visible inUSER email mailbox Inbox _test
    5. recently moved the _test folder to the root directory withEmail for USERDrag mailbox
    6. Now the file _test cannot be found anywhere
      it should be here:USER email mailbox _test

    unable to view inbox folder in outlook 2010

    I can be sure that the company moved the _test folder to the correct location:

    • Right clickEmail for USERMailbox> Properties> Folder Size> Server Data Tab
      Not sure why the Local Data and Server Data tabs display different things

    • Restart Outlook 2010
    • Loginvia OWA as consumer A and openEmail for USER mailbox
      _test folder is in correct space (rootEmail for USER mailbox)

    In short: you need to disable uploading of shared folders in your Exchange user account settings.

    I’ve applied this throughout the organization using the Group Policy GPO (see the source section, link above) for security reasons.


    There are no messages in the Outlook folder and you may know there are messages in the folder. Outlook


    unable to view inbox folder in outlook 2010

    Microsoft can customize custom views for parts such as emails that are in directories. Sometimes, especially after getting a lot of benefit from another account like Gmail or IMAP, the professional view settings hide the emails they came from. The solution is to recreate the view for an entire folder or mailbox.

    Reset View For A Specific Outlook Folder For This Year! And Manywow Other

    There is also a reset button in the Show Settings dialog box (formerly the Current View dialog box below), which can be opened using the Show View button, the Show Settings button, or by clicking on the name field in the View and the choice of display parameters (method 3, below).

    You can bring up the Edit View menu, select and manipulate views (formerly the Define Views dialog box below), then you need to select a view by the friendly name to globally reset the view, or even Select. to customize the view for the current file only.

    Create new views, edit views, and optionally delete custom views using the Manage Views dialog box.

    Reset All Views In All Folders

    The Folders area displays all folders in Outlook. If the folder pane is collapsed, you won’t be able to see your directories. Expand the folder pane by clicking the> icon on the left side of the screen. Click View> Folder Pane> Normal.

    Reset the views for the new mailbox. If you open Outlook with the / cleanviews switch, you delete all user-defined views and reset all standard viewsto “factory settings”. Sometimes this is necessary, but sometimes resetting the view works for a live folder. If you don’t usually use custom views, you can safely select the / cleanviews radio button.

    Moving / blanking views removes all custom views and restores factory defaults for all standard perspectives.

    Select Ctrl-Shift-F, and with advanced search, your windows will already point to the selected file. Expand your Inbox (or preferred folder), and then individually select the subfolders you want to view.

    Close Outlook to use this program. Go to Boot Range> (or Windows Critical + R) and type Outlook.exe / cleanviews, then click OK.

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    Click Show Expenses in the ribbon to change the current view of your Inbox.Then click the Change View button in the Current View group.In the menu that appears, select one of the views from the list to apply to your Inbox.

    1. In the navigation pane, click the directory you want to reset, click View> Change View, and select the view mode in the main drop-down list that you want to restore to the original. 2. Click View> Reset View.