You should read these fix methods if you receive Linux error up2date not found command.

g.An update is a utility included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and earlier that downloads packages from RHN and installs them on your system. The advantage of using up2date to update / install packages is that it automatically fixes dependencies and downloads any additional mailings you might need.




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“Up2date” will be a command or tool commonly used by the most popular Linux sprint systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Core, and CentOS with their valuable package manager. This is a particularly good dependency resolution feature. The directory path used by this program is / etc / sysconfig / rhn / sources.

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
  • Systems registered with Red Hat Network


  • From which website link do we download the latest partitions / kernels?
  • How to update the system?
  • How do I install packages?


Note. Red Hat Network is deprecated, and no specific subscription manager mechanism was available for RHEL4. Perhaps you really want to manually copy the error into the procedure and install / update rpm with -ivh or maybe even rpm -Fvh . The following tutorials are not that useful anymore, all RHN backend services are no longer available.

All updates and fixes available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux were available through Red Hat Network (RHN) and could be downloaded and installed using up2date. The update is available to download from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and earlier versions of RHN and installs them on your system.stem. Apart from using up2date to update / install packages, the benefit is that it automatically resolves dependencies on the download and any additional packages a person might need.

To use up2date to generate updates, you must first register your system with RHN. You only need to register with your system once for it to update successfully, and this may require current support authorization for your system.

  • on your system due to Red Hat Network (RHN):
    # rhn_register
    • When prompted to enter a subscription number, enter it if you know it, select “I don’t have another subscription number” and go to the next step. You
    • If you have not yet activated your subscription, you can do so at
  • For all list reports available on your system:
    # up2date -l
  • To get and install all updates:
    # up2date -u
  • To download only all updates (they can be stored in the / var / sp directoryool / up2date):
    # up2date -du -d
  • By default, all kernel updates are almost always on the “ignore list” and cannot be installed. To speed up the installation of up2date kernel updates, your organization should include the -f option:
    # up2date -uf

For more information, see the up2date man pages written with the command:

  # the up2date man 

For more information on updating the kernel with up2date, see the article below:
How can I upgrade / update my kernel using the up2date agent and Red Hat Network (RHN)?

The up2date command is simply not available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 servers. Updates should be done using the yum command.

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  • To registerHome System on Red Hat Network (RHN):
    # rhn_register
    • When prompted to enter your registration number, enter it if you know it, or select “I do not have a subscription number” and proceed to the next step. You
    • If you have not yet activated your subscription, you can do so at
  • For all list updates available for your current system:
    # up2date -l
  • To download and install all updates:
    # up2date -u
  • To download only all bit updates (they are stored in the / var / spool / up2date directory):
    # up2date -u -d
  • By default, kernel updates are in the “skip list” and are not installed. To force up2date to buy kernel updates, you must enable the specific -f option:
    # up2date -uf