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    If your computer is showing reminders in an Outlook error code, you should review these troubleshooting tips.

    On the File tab, select an option. Select in the “Advanced” dialog box “Outlook Options”. In the “Select Reminders” section, select “Show Reminders”. Select OK.

    In some cases, according to users, users want to see reminders that will definitely activate in Outlook in the future. In this article, I will show someone a guide on how to easily check future reminders in Outlook.

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    To view long-term calendar reminders of a specific folder in Outlook, you can do the following:

    < p>Step 1: Open the folder’s work calendar, where you can view future simple strategies , then change the view using Change View > List on the View tab.


    In Outlook 2007, you can change the view of the file by clicking View > Current View > Select All Appointments.

    view reminders in outlook

    Step 7 : Click in Outlook 2013 on the View tab, the View and Settings button, or click View > Current View > tech CustomizeView” in Outlook 2007.

    Step 3. A dialog box will appear, in addition to Kl Click the filter to change it.

    Step 3:

    In the Frequent Filtering section, open the advanced navigation panes. You need to:

    (1) Click Field > All Destination Fields > Click Start;

    (2) Click Field Condition and accept or after list drop-down menu;

    (3) In the “Value” field, enter “Tomorrow”;

    (4) Then click “Add to List”.

    Step 2: Proceed to add another custom criteria with:

    (1) Click on the field > All appointments field > Click Callback;

    (2) the Condition (or Condition) field and thus specify the same as the Shift Down list;

    (3) Click on the value package and select Yes from this drop-down list.

    (4) Click the “Add List” button in.

    < p>Step 5. Click the “OK” button twice to close both chat windows.

    Now display tips only, appointments are scheduled, or perhaps the day after tomorrow in your current calendar folder.


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    To save a custom calendar folder, visit How to bookmark and copy view settings to multipleOnly folders in Outlook?

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    In many cases, Outlook users only ask to be shown in Outlook Reminders in the future. In this episode, I’m going to give you a lesson on how to easily view future reminders in Outlook.

    To view lifestyle reminders defined in a calendar file in Outlook, you can do the following:

    Step 1. Open the calendar directory where you will view future alarms and change by clicking View, Change View > List on the View tab. In

    Note. In Outlook 2008, you can change the view from to folders by clicking > Show Recent Events > Show All Appointments.

    Step 2: In Outlook and New Year 2013, click the View Options button directly on the View tab, or in Outlook 2007, select View > Current View > Customize Current View.

    Nowstep 3. A special dialog box will appear in which you just need to click the “Filter” button.

    view reminders in outlook

    Step 3. Basic. In the Filter dialog, try clicking the Advanced tab that your organization needs:

    (2) Click on the condition (Condition) and specify the subject, in the drop-down list before or after;

    (2) Click on the entire condition (or condition) and check the box to be displayed in the collapsed list;

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