You may receive an error that says Vista device ide ideport1. It turns out there are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll discuss that shortly.



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vista controller error device ide ideport1

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Hello Jonmor68, thanks for the answer.
Check the current JPG link, my two IDE cable connections look like some kind of picture (80 threads)
I’ve been wrestling with this thing on the market for about 2 hours now before explaining thatI have, I would have laid out the current BIOS settings. Options: –
IDE Bios Channel —> AUTO
Access Mode -> AUTO (I can choose between CHS / LBA / Large / Auto)
Secondary IDE driver – >> ATA 66/100 (80 cables) (I chose ATA-33, ATA-66/100, Auto no problem)
High Performance Mode -> Disabled
Frequency / voltage monitoring (acceleration) —> Disabled.

I have 2 DVD IDE drives on a secondary routine.
For simplicity, I unplugged one and the power cord and put the other in power cord selection mode.
The end connected under the IDE cable is checked in the BIOS, the DVD drive is recognized as a secondary master.

Experiment 1:
I swapped the cable from the hard drive to the cables from the CD (IDE) and started Windows.
Main channel IDE device 1 hard disk (mine is connected to the main IDE port with the original CD cable for you) UDMA-5 Conclusion: CD cable is not defective, hard disk is not removed from PIO after 10 minutes of use
Secondary dual-lane IDE device (my CD drive is connected to the secondary IDE port with a new hard drive cable) PIO {Conclusion: 2nd IDE port probably not aven)

Keeping the cable configuration mentioned above (original CD cable independent of hard drive and new cable type for hard drive connected to CD as cables from attempt 1 are not defective), a hard drive was connected to each the secondary IDE port and CD to the connected primary IDE port. If the secondary IDE port might fail, as seen in the first attempt, the particular hard drive should now switch to PIO.
Primary IDE channel for a specific device PIO (My CD-ROM Drive)
Additional sales channel IDE Device 1 (my hard drive) UDMA 5.

Conclusion: The secondary IDE port is indeed faulty, the hard drive is still in UDMA, the CD drive is definitely faulty, the PIO reduction doesn’t matter which IDE channel it belongs to.

Experiment 3:
Disconnect the supplied CD and connect the CD player.Observation: Same as Experiment 1 plus Experiment 2.
Both drives areThe CDs in my system are bad, both IDE ports on the motherboard are generally good, both IDE cables can be good.

vista controller error device ide ideport1

However, this is strange. I don’t think my two optical drives can fail at the same time. And once you get into PIO, any drive will have no problem reading or writing to most hard drives.
I can not. What do you think ?
Please advise ..