Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported having encountered Safe Mode on the VW Passat Stereo. g.If, when you turn on the found radio, the command “SAFE” appears on the radio, it means that the radio will not work until you enter the authorization code.Press and hold the “MODE” and “SCAN” buttons at the same time until “1000” appears on the display of the remote control.



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All Volkswagen car radios are equipped with an anti-theft function that displays a “security code”. Like many other vehicle security systems, this function can be accidentally activated. Fortunately, unlocking is easy. a Volkswagen device that reads a “secure code”.

vw passat stereo safe mode

The protection function with a security code is designed forDesigned to prevent the theft of Volkswagen radios by blocking them. As soon as the function is activated, the broadcast is activated – but information technology displays only the “secure code”. Until the correct code is entered, this particular user will not be able to set up an ad channel. play your CD, plug in any MP3 player, or even turn up the volume. The radio has become practically useless.

The safety function is triggered in the event of a power failure to the radio. To steal a remote control from a car, a thief must disconnect the radio from the car battery – and the radio may well lose power. Even if the culprit hurries up and immediately plugs all the radios into a different power source, there will come a point where you don’t connect to the power source. Thus, an interruption in the power supply to the system indicates a possible hack.

However, the radio can lose power not only due to penetration. If you simply drain or replace the battery in your car, it will happen, at least for a short time, that the emissions will nott have energy. This intrusion capability activates the Safecode burglar alarm function, since the radio has no way of knowing if a burglary is taking place or if the vehicle’s battery is being removed.

vw passat stereo safe mode

If this Volkswagen car radio displays “code safe”, you may not be able to solve the problem until you enter the code in a convenient way. The safe code is the specific four-digit number that you need to unlock the radio.

There are several places where you can find the secure code for your Volkswagen radio. Attached with the original formalities of your Volkswagen in the car radio manual. If you don’t really have this document, you can probably find the code on an indoor trainer or spare wheel. When a driver takes a new Volkswagen to a car dealership because of this difficulty, he often places a code label on the sports bike helmet in the trunk or on most of the spare wheel.

If you cannot find this code, contact your dealer. Any Volkswagen dealer can view the program by looking up your vehicle chassis number or by pulling out the p the radio and checking its serial number if it is missing. You

Once you see the code, it’s easy to make sure you are entering it. Each of the first preset buttons corresponds to one of the code numbers. That is, the first preset is the second hand for entering the first digit, every second preset is the second digit, and so on. Pressing a preset will also increase the corresponding number, decreasing the “9” to make sure you have a “0”. (If you have more than two presets, usually only the first four are used.) They try to move buttons from one number to another.

If you find “2 Safe Code”, then the wrong security code was entered twice. You must wait an hour before you can enter the HTML again.

After entering the correct code, your radio will be unlocked and fully functional.

If your Volkswagen radio has a “safe code” and you can’t find it, come to Fox Valley Volkswagen in St. Charles or Schaumburg. Dealer technicians have helped many Volkswagen drivers with this problem and can quickly find out.believe your radio policy and set it up for you.

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To get your VW remote out of SAFE 2 mode, you need to make sure the stereo is connected to your car and then leave the radio on for the day. After an hour, your radio may return to SECURITY mode.