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    question:I also installed Python3 jupyter notebook with pip3 on MacOs 10.9.
    When I try to run the application, I get a message that the JavaScript widget is missing.I have installed Python3 as well as Kernels r in Jupyter notebook.

      ipywidgets import widgetsImport from IPython.display Displaytext = Widgets.Text ()Display (text)text.on_submit ('Hello') 
      Unknown JavaScript widget. It may not install properly. 
      sudo -H pip3 install ipywidgetssudo -H pip3 install Ipywidgets -upgradejupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension# restarted several computers. 
      [EnableNBExtensionApp] CRITICAL | Incorrect configuration occurred during initialization:[ActivateNBExtensionApp] CRITICAL | Unknown flag: '--py' 

    Please note that I have jupyter-nbextension on Mac, but I am running a request:

      jupyter-nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension 

    warning widget not found

    But jupyter nbextension enable widgetsnbextension just throws an error and does nothing. The same error happened when I ran the code.

      import ipywidgetsipywidgets .__ version__ 
      which Jupyter jupyteris /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.5/bin/jupyterwhich jupyter laptopjupyter-notebook is /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.5/bin/jupyter-notebook 


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      https: // 

    How can I install widgets?
    Do I need to install Java separately?

    This is a duplicate component for me, probably because I need user config files and I want to switch between some virtual settings (not conda environments). The command using --sys-prefix does not remove the “JavaScript widget not warned, detected” part and the command without it – at least temporarily. At the moment I am unable to reproduce the notification by switching between virtual environments and also by running jupyter notebook (with a small test notebook tqdm.But tqdm_notebook ), I can reproduce this with a real notebook is more impractical. (Also, using some very % matplotlib inline magic for the test notebook also fails to run there, although it appears to be in that notebook after doing a more complex place where it is used by tqdm and results in a warning.)

    As I mentioned @jasongrout , you can remove some male or female config files, then the command with --sys-prefix may work. However, I never know what to remove. I end up with a ~ / .jupyter / file that basically contains a hashed password that most people want to keep using. jupyter --paths with the venv3 environment trigger produces the following output:

    warning widget not found

    I would only remove ~ / .jupyter / nbconfig / notebook.json (which doesn't really matter ~ / venv3 / etc / jupyter / nbconfig / notebook .json )? Are there any packages that I need to reinstall using pip in their respective environments? Do the extensions "activate" anything other than simple Python money transfers, which I might also want to remove somewhere in ~ / .jupyter? If you remove ~ / .jupyter / nbconfig / notebook.json before running the --sys-prefix command, the validation warning will not appear. Just running the command without an additional indicator works, then the level doesn't always work - I'm not a number.


     :    /home/tsbertalan/.jupyter    / home / zbertalan / venv3 / etc / jupyter/ Usr / local / etc / jupyter   / etc / jupyterData:    /home/tsbertalan/.local/share/jupyter    / home / zbertalan / venv3 / share / jupyter    / Usr / local / share / jupyter    / usr / share / jupyterDuration of surgery:     / run / user / 1000 / jupyter 

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    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.