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    In some cases, your system may generate a waveburner CDDA error message. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

    Alt=”” Src=””>AuthorSubject: WaveBurner DDP Images (9008 Reads)

    waveburner cdda error

    Originally posted by: biigniick, Friday 25 Feb 2011

    For people using Waveburner, I noticed a bug (or a smoking bug) that causes a difference in 31 images to show, what is waveburner. and what is written on the ddp image. Burning a disc directly through Waveburner is exactly what the program does, but opening DDP with WaveLab’s PMCD or ejecting discs from DDP with a choice of program is another. where can i check how to do it? does this happen on other systems?

    WB 1.6.1 (all CDDA offsets set to 0)
    WaveLab 3 7

    Thanks from
    – Go Nick

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    Nick Landis
    http://www.TerraNovaMastering .com


    I discovered this recently. It was a bit of a nightmare for everyone because I had Decca up my sleeve to reach the ultimate goal for Broadway (How to musically succeed in business without putting in much effort) to meet the deadline. The WB session was good and would work well with CDs, but the DDP changed every track marker a bit, it felt like a lot more than 25 frames to me, and the lead seemed to shift a little to 32 or too much closer to the final. stumble upon project trace. I used to literally have to ride every trail marker, and after I did To ddp, there’s no question that the trails weren’t rolling. It really sucks.

    I’m so mad at Apple/WB because the features are only great in Waveburner, it’s for certain types of projects where I buy a show producer who sits here and created me to do all sorts of smooth stuff. level and EQ automation adds compression to make the song sound smooth. I’m just struggling to install this feature anywhere else in Worldwide Mac. Waveburner could fix its deadly mistakes, the house would look great, and it could even turn into “professional” software on a rainy day.

    Apple works for shit, please fix your DDP nightmare. And while you’re at it, don’t think why you’re allowing huge customization of automation levels. We rigorous practicing engineers like to work in steps as small as 1/10dB rather than huge ballpark sums. It is not for willing professionals.

    Brad Sarno
    Blue Audio jade mastering
    St. Louis, Missouri Alt=””


    Finally, also notice how text is processed by the WB DDP instruction sets. It will be “?” to support any fields you leave blank to support artist, songwriter, composer, etc.

    Try opening the DDP file you created, installed by Waveburner if you’re using Sonoris or Backline, to see what I say.


    I’ll have to contact Apple/Waveburner in the above discussion section in the hope that someone will read this. My spouse has a love/hate relationship with Waveburner. It has really amazing properties. The way I work, I honestly master in a DAW that mixes digital and analog gear, but I don’t print any of the peak limiter part. Then I put a collection of almost processed files into SoundBlade or Waveburner where I still have the ability to make changes because I put the whole album along with the project. It’s also extremely easy to do digital fine-tuning when a client wants to make a few changes without logging in and opening the entire analog training session. The power and functionality of Waveburner is actually great, offers all sorts of important automation (albeit a little too rough in the way it’s set up), and yes, this presentation of the question in CD-Text can even be crappy to deal with. I feel like someone needs to light a fire under Apple’s ass and come up with something constructive.on these issues. It seems that with serious attention, many will one day be able to make Waveburner more professional. Their plugin implementation is definitely more user friendly, more flexible and more secure than in 1 Soundblade but 2beta.

    Go ahead, Apple. WB is serious, so we might as well.

    waveburner cdda error

    Brad Sarno


    Amen, Brad. If this task were at least part of what the development logic gets, we certainly have nothing to complain about. I worked for a while at Apple in the professional audio subsidiary. And yet I have many friends there, one of whom is a product consultant at Logic. I’ll call on God and see if I can find anything.


    Maybe it would be great if they spent a little more time tweaking and polishing the WB. It really is an amazingly comprehensive tool with great workflow and features. Was it would be great to know that one day it might have the math, accuracy and stability that leading engineers demand and need. They seem so appropriate with him. And again, for me and my friends, this is ultimately a tool, not a separate mastering tool. This is a handy compilation and optimization for me, as well as the ultimate optimum throttling/dithering point, PQ level (and hopefully DDP generation).

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.