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    In this guide, we will discover some possible causes that can cause problems in windows XP, and then I will suggest possible solutions to this problem. It is located in the display properties, under the “Themes” tab.

    It’s in the display properties, Themes tab.

    where are themes in windows xp

    Visual stylesWindows XP is the Windows XP Graphical Custom City settings. “Luna”, “Royale”, “Zune”, and “Embedded” are the code names for these official skins developed by Microsoft for Windows XP.[1] Starting with Windows XP, there are themes to choose from. tooth styles such as [2]. By default, “Luna” is usually preinstalled on XP Windows Home and Professional editions, “Royale” is always preinstalled on XP Windows Media Center Edition, and “Embedded” is preinstalled on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Windows Embedded POSReady 2009. In addition to the preinstalled visuals, Microsoft Styles, Microsoft has additional visual styles available for download in theaters. Part 3 also released visual styles, they basically require modifications to core Windows components to work. Visual styles are generally compatible with all types of Windows XP except the Starter Edition.

    C: Windows Resources Themes folder. It also contains all the system files, usually the executable partitions, and other display components. C: Users yourusername AppData Local Microsoft Windows Themes. If you buy a Theme Pack, you will need to double-click the downloaded four-legged file to install the theme.

    Compared to previous releases of Windows, the new styles place more emphasis on impressive operating system graphics, preserving the richness of colors[3] and bitmaps[4] the entire surface with rounded corners like windows.[5][6]

    You should navigate to your computer’s decor styles folder, usually C: windows resources themes. Create a creative folder here, name it SlanXP2 and drag SlanXP2 onto it. msstyles are included in this new folder. These days, you should have a theme under the Display Properties -> Appearance tab.

    Visual stylesThe new APIs have been greatly improved in Windows Vista and later. Regardless, the remaining API is heavily documented.[7]


    Luna (moon in Latin and many other languages) is the code name for my default Windows XP visual style. Officially known as the “Windows style” XP, it was then available in three color combinations: blue (default), olive green, and also silver. [6][8] critics who didn’t like this theme called it a huge “Fisher Price Interface”.[9]< soup> [10]

    Moon Beta

    Here are two important places where Windows 10 saves your themes: The default theme is C:WindowsResourcesThemes. Manually installed themes – %LocalAppData%MicrosoftWindowsThemes.

    Luna Beta is an earlier major version of the Luna blueprint that was included in beta implementations of Build 2428 and then resurfaced in the leaked Windows XP source code in September 2020. Officially known as “Whistler Style”, it’s no doubt mostly similar to the latest Luna theme, with a few minor variations (such as the lighter scrollbar). Classic


    Windows Allowed “classic Windows Style”, Which Was An Inline Look That Could Also Be Used In Earlier Styles Windows. It Is Used Whenever The Theme Service Is Disabled By Some Other Scenario, Such As A Win32 Console Window Or Booting That System In Safe Mode. Classic Vogue Widgets Are Also Suitable For Used Installations That Can’t Be Themed Even If The Theming Is Turned On. It Is Very CPU Intensive And Provides Better Performance,[11], So It Is Also The Default In Windows Server 2002-2008 R2.

    Compared To Other Trends, Visual It Supports More Colors As Well As Font Customization Options. Windows XP Comes With 22 Predefined Color Schemes For My Classic Style. Four Of Them[12] Are Indeed Optimized For The Visually Impaired. The “Windows Standard” Schema Was The Default Schema In Windows ME And Windows 2000 And Appeared In Windows Vista And Windows 7, Although It Was Renamed “Windows Classic” In The Latter. A Slightly Darker Variant Of A Particular Default Theme Called “Classic Windows” Was Actually The Default Color Scheme Associated With Windows 98 (albeit With A Dark Teal Wallpaper Instead Of Green).Which Is Very Similar To Windows 2000 Pre-release Versions) And Appeared In Windows. , But Not In Windows 7.[13][6] Schemes, All Others Appeared In Previous Versions Connected To Windows. This Style Has Been Removed From Windows Server 2012 And Windows 7, But Is Still Present Internally For Backwards Compatibility.


    Moon (moon in Latin and other languages) is the actual code name for the standard Windows XP visual structure. Officially known as Windows XP Style, it comes in three color combinations: blue (default), olive green, and silver. Critics who disliked the topic called it Fischer’s Pricing Interface.

    Royale (aka Media Center and Style Energy Blue) was originally developed for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and was considered a port of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.[14] It will come with a new wallpaper ( inspired only by Windows XP Bliss). It introduces a new sober, bright, false reflective and colorful approach with intense blues and greens.

    Install theme files The configured standard theme files are located in the% WinDir% Resources Themes folder.

    Royale was originally available in December 2004. On April 7, 2005, Microsoft New Zealand[15] made the Royale theme and New Zealand desktop wallpaper [16]< /sup> available for download for all editions from XP to Windows. Genuine Advantage is available on the global website but has been discontinued as of 2019. Due to the fact that this package is free, it has recently also been available as software download from websites such as softpedia, as before.[17]

    Over time, Microsoft will also release visuals and skins for Windows Media Player. The skin was released in the Tablet PC Experience Pack and was considered free,[18], but was only installed by the contractor on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition devices and was usually licensed.

    Royal Black

    where are themes in windows xp

    Royale Noir looks like a darkened version of Royale with blackish bluish and purple undertones. Royale Noir has the best black start button that turns green over time when hovering over it. Because Royale Noir was published and not by Microsoft, it was marked with a number of flaws.[19]


    A few weeks after the Royale Noir leak, Zune has officially released a theme pack to accompany the release of the new Microsoft Zune Network Player. By the way, from the Zune point of view, it is similar to Royale and Royale Noir, usually the latter. It displays a “toast to light” shadow style and is likely to be the first publicly available visual type for Windows XP to have the Start button in a color other than XP’s green.


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    %localappdata%MicrosoftWindowsThemes Press Enter to open the theme folder. Step 2: The Themes folder contains all defined themes. You can double-click almost any theme folder to open the desktop theme file, as well as the entire desktop wallpaper folder, which contains multiple wallpapers for that theme.

    You need to go to your computer’s themes folder, usually C:windowsresourcesthemes. Create a suitable new folder here, name it SlanXP2 and drag and drop the SlanXP2. msstyles in this new folder. You will now have a theme in this Display Properties -> Appearance.

    “Moon” (the moon appears in Latin and other languages) is undoubtedly the code name for the standard Windows XP style. Officially called “Windows XP style”, it comes in three colors: black (default), olive drab, and silver. Reviewers who did not like the pattern called it the “Fisher-Price interface”.