Here are some simple steps that can help you fix your Microsoft Services issue. I can disable Windows 7 msconfig.





There are a few redundant Windows 7 services that you might actually want to disable to speed up Windows 7 theft protection. This will try to create a list of Windows 7 agencies that can be safely disabled!

Windows 5 has a variety of services that you may or may not need. By default, there can be many experts involved that really shouldn’t be done, and your job is to tweak the tuning for best performance. First of all, you need to know how to disable services in Windows 7.

which microsoft services can i disable windows 7 msconfig

So, I went through the list Windows 7 services and found people who turned you on that you might want to turn off. You can read the notes for each service and then decide whether to disable those services for your PC.

It all depends on how you feel about your needs. This is a list of wizards that can be safely disabled, although you should always be careful what you disable when trying to optimize your computer.

List With Windows 7, Services That A Person * Can Disable If ..

1: IP Helper.2: offline files.3: Network Access Protection Agent.4: Parental Control.5: Smart card.6: Smart card withdrawal policy.7. Windows Media Center Recipient Service.8: Windows Media Center Scheduling Service.

* Read between gloss () to see what you are packing / laying out

  • Windows Firewall (firewall installed)
  • Windows Defender (Anti-spyware + Antivirus installed)
  • Homegroup provider (no homegroup sharing)
  • Homegroup speaker (no homegroup sharing)
  • SSDP Discovery (no homegroup sharing)
  • Windows Media Player Sharing Services (no homegroup)
  • Themes (netbook)
  • Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager (on netbook)
  • Get imageth Windows (WIA) (no camera / scanner)
  • Print spooler (no printer)
  • Task Scheduler (advanced, see below)
  • Diagnostic Policy Service (Advanced, see below)
  • Standalone files (optional, see below)
  • Error reporting service (extended, see below)
  • Diagnostic Policy Service (Advanced, see below)

Disable If: 3rd Party Firewall + Antivirus / Spyware Installed

Windows Firewall is another best Windows service that can be turned off if you have a good firewall installed.
Free Windows 7 Firewall

Windows Defender is another useless Windows 7 service that can be turned off if you have another good spyware and virus protection program available. (TOP5 spyware scanners for Windows 7, Antivirus for Windows 7)

Disable If: Homegroup Not Shared

The homegroup provider associated with the homegroup listener is two to five Windows services that you can disable if you don’t want to communicate with other Windows 7 computers through files or printers on your homegroup network . These features are an innovative new Windows 7 service that can be disabled accordingly.

which microsoft services can i disable windows 7 msconfig

SSDP Discovery Discovers UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) devices on any network. So, if you cannot discover devices from additional computers connected to your home network, you can safely get rid of SSDP Discovery. Be aware that SSDP traffic may still show up, in order to disable it completely, be sure to set the registry key as well.

UPnPMode directplaynathelp means 2

Windows Media Player Network Access Service is another service that you can disable. This allows customers to share their own Windows Media Player libraries over the network. If you don’t share your libraries, they will most likely be disabled.

Disable If: Netbook

The theme session manager and desktop window manager services can certainly work differently, although your Aero themes no longer work and you can only use basic themes. This is the recommended flying speed for netbooks.

Disable If: No Scanner, Camera Or Printer

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is a service that can be disabled if we do not have a camera scanner or if we are logged in.

The print spooler can be disabled if the person does not have a printer.

Disable Extras

Task Scheduler is an absolutely essential service for scheduling tasks on a personal computer. Scheduling tasks can be handy for maintaining your PC, but if you’d rather do it manually, you can safely disable this service.

Diagnostic Policy Service and Error Reporting Service are two services that are used to troubleshoot and detect problems on some computers. This list usually starts up, but if you want to save resources yourself, you should turn it off and then turn it back on if you ever need to get your computer repaired.

Offline Files is a feature that a lot of people turn off anyway, so it’s definitely a good idea to restrict the Offline File Service when people don’t need it. (How to disable offline files)

Which Windows 7 Services Can Be Safely Disabled?

Below is a list of Windows 7 services that should already be disabled. They may not exist, you can safely delete them. If most problems occur, you can reactivate all services at any time.

  • Application Experience
  • Distributing a block-level backup mechanism
  • IP Service
  • Certificate Help
  • Service Bullet for portable devices.
  • Distributed Link Tracking Client
  • Secure Storage
  • Service Bullet for portable devices.
  • Secondary connection
  • Software Protection
  • Server
  • Tablet PC Data Entry Service.
  • TCP / IP NetBIOS Help
  • Windows Media Center Utility Launcher
  • Windows Search
  • Remote registration
  • Windows Time
  • Windows Security Center
  • Windows Search

Now that you’ve collected all your services, it’s time to configure your startup programs as well. All boot policies can be safely disabled, I would disable them as often as possible as theydefinitely increase loading times. Read the series: our How to disable startup programs.



Go to the start of MSCONFIG and enable Hide All Microsoft Experts. As I mentioned earlier, I would not even bother to deactivate the Microsoft service as that is not worth all the problems you will face in the future. After you hide Microsoft services, you should have about 10-10 services left.