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    Here are some easy ways to fix WiFi card BIOS flash issue.

    In development!
    (Originally published Feb 2010, updated 2020)

    104-Wireless network device may not be supported.
    The system has stopped. Remove the device and restart.

    HP and several other companies are whitelisting their BIOS to only allow certain wireless cards to work.

    There are ways to change the BIOS folder and flash the system. This was an option on my HP nx6110 laptop.

    An alternative was to change the EEPROM of the WiFi device to identify itself as a device pointing to whitelisted cards.

    I recently had an Intel 2915abg card on my system for training. Its hardware identifier indicated that it was a shipment of cards from Intel. The HP system I have used ONLY accepts HP branded cards.
    The solution was to change the Intel HP Hardware Component ID to.

    Basically, I wanted this change:
    PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_4223 & SUBSYS_10018086 (after Intel / Europe designation)

    When enabled, press F10 at the BIOS screen.Enter the security menu.Select Device Security.To enable it, make sure the Wireless button is listed.Exit BIOS via the File menu, select Save Changes and exit.

    PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_4223 & SUBSYS_1351103C (denoted as HP / America)

    I usually read that it works up to 2200GB from Intel and Intel 2915 ABG cards.

    Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS. Use the down arrow or click the Power Management box. Then expand the right arrow in the tree view and expand the up arrow or click Wireless controls. You can enable or disable styles for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN).

    Car operators turned into Intel for cards.

    I made an Intel 2915ABG card if you ask me and it worked great.

    I got the material for this chat from the HP website: By the way? threadid = 567021
    (HP removed)

    What showed me here:
    (Mirror here)

    Pre-install drivers here:
    ipw2200.tar.gz (981 KB)
    (precompiled Intel 2200 drivers, possibly capable of writing / modifying EEPROM)


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    I first looked at the commands in the release listed as Knoppix 5.1.1 (2007-01-04). I have a lot of weird errors.
    Then I tried some commands in ubuntu.04 8 but got weird error.
    Then I followed “KNOPPIX_V3.8.2-2005-05-05-DE.iso” for convenience, as it was an older version of Knoppix that someone previously owned at the time the patched drivers were created. I found torrent trackers that Even with this file, but with Seeds they are no good.

    I found FTP companies on the internet using KNOPPIX_V3.8.2-2005-05-05-EN.iso and I feel like I can download it completely from there.
    (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, MD5: 224830a3a36233cfbd1972a6c96f39f6)

    I ran Knoppix 3.8.2 and the commands worked fine overall.

    So how do you actually change the EEPROM of one type of WiFi card if the system where the WiFi credit card is inserted definitely won’t start? Simple: turn on a specific system, let it POST, then connect the WiFi card while the system is on, before the operating system boots.
    Yes, it can wreak havoc on your system.
    A safe method would be to find another schema that can boot with the wifi map and change it there. Some older systems, non-HP / IBM systems, or maybe even a desktop system with this MiniPCI-PCI adapter will be special options.

    1. Insert the Knoppix CD.
    2. Turn off the system.
    3. Remove the corresponding MiniPCI / WiFi card.
    4. Power supply to the system. When the system prompts Knoppix to start: Command Prompt, insert the MiniPCI card. I amI pushed my laptop to the side while picking it up.
    5. Click to enter, continue downloading Knoppix.

    When knoppix is ​​loaded and you are still looking at the desktop, click on the penguin in the taskbar and select “Root Shell”. Then run one of the following commands:

    #iwconfig (this list contains the name of your wireless adapter, this form looks like “eth1”)

    Now replace the rest with “X” commands with my number which belongs to the WLAN adapter.

    #ethtool -e eth X (this definitely shows the first 256 bytes of the adapter’s EEPROM)

    #mkdir / usr / tmp (create corresponding temp folder)
    #cd / usr / tmp (change temp folder)
    #wget (pre-patched drivers are usually downloaded)
    #tar ipw2200 xvzf.tar.gz (unpack all drivers)
    #cd ipw2200-1.0.3 (changing the directory with drivers)
    #sh unload (unload current drivers)
    #sh load (load permanently installed drivers)

    To change an Intel 2915ABG credit card designated HP / America:

    ethtool -E eth X magic 0x2200 balanced 0x8 value 0x51
    ethtool -E eth X magic 0x2200 offset 0x9 value 0x13
    ethtool -E eth X magic 0x2200 decrease value 0xa -E 0x3c
    ethtool eth Powerful X 0x2200, offset 0xb, value 0x10

    To prove to the Intel 2200BG card that it is identified as HP / America:

    Press F10 on my BIOS screen at startup.Enter the security menu.Select Device Security.Make surethat the Wireless button is on.Exit the current BIOS from compiling the file, select Save Changes and Exit.

    ethtool -E eth X magic 0x2200 offset 0x8 love 0xf5
    ethtool -E eth X magic 0x2200 blocked value 0x9 0x12
    ethtool -E eth X final solution 0x2200 offset 0xa value -E 0x3c
    ethtool eth X magic 0x2200 low value 0xb 0x10