You may receive an error code pointing to the scroll bar of the Win32 edit control. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll talk about it briefly.


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    I am currently planning to implement scrollbars in an awesome Win32 control, but they usually only work with the WS_HSCROLL flag set.

    win32 edit control scrollbar

    From what I’ve read on websites, some of these should “in theory” work. The class accepts the message rather than broadcasting it to all parent windows (this is also the easiest way to work with extended controls).


    To add a page to the sidebar, scroll with style WS_HSCROLL; To add a vertical stripe, view the WS_VSCROLL style. The dropdown edit control controls the scrollbar’s own messages.Source

    win32 edit control scrollbar

    But for various reasons, the scroll is undoubtedly moving, and if you try to move it manually, it will just keep moving in the square to capture your every move.


    I also tried to use ES_AUTOHSCROLL as I read that normally when the master style is set the scrollbar stops working but nothing is done It changes (you just can't scroll any more control rectangle)


    This section provides information on each programming element used with protein roll bars. The window can display an object of personal data, such as a document, optionally a bitmap image, which is larger than the client area of ​​the window. With a scrollbar present, the consumer can scroll through the data object when the client area is displayed to see portions of the idea that extend beyond the bounds of the window.



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    Using scrollbars Search bar consists of a shaded base and arrow keys at each end, as well as a scroll area (sometimes called a thumb) between the joysticks.
    Using scrollbars If you are creating a super popup or overlapping window using the CreateWindo functionwEx will add standard scrollbars and display WS_HSCROLL . WS_VSCROLL or both. Readabilitydatatable = "1">

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    On the other hand,

    EnableScrollBar successfully enables or disables both scrollbar arrows.
    GetScrollBarInfo The getscrollbarinfo function gets information about the assigned scrollbar.
    GetScrollInfo The GetScrollInfo function retrieves specific parameters from the scroll bar, such as minimum and maximum scroll state, page size, and scroll level (in inches).
    GetScrollPos The GetScrollPos function gets the current position in the direction of the scroll area (in inches) on a specific specified scroll bar. The current area is a relative value that depends on the current scroll area. For example, if the scroll range is 0 to 100 and the search is in the middle of the line, the current position is definitely 50.

    [! Note]
    GetScrollPos function, provided that forachieving backward compatibility. New applications should have the GetScrollInfo function.

    GetScrollRange The GetScrollRange command retrieves the current minimum and maximum position of the navigation box (in inches) for the specified search string. [! Note]
    The GetScrollRange function is only intended to preserve the provided compatibility. New applications can use the GetScrollInfo function.

    ScrollDC The scrolldc function scrolls a rectangle of bits sideways and vertically.
    Scroll window Performance ScrollWindow scrolls the contents of the specified area of ​​the window.

    [! Note]
    The ScrollWindow function is rendered upside down for compatibility reasons. New forms use the ScrollWindowEx function.

    ScrollWindowEx Attempting to ScrollWindowEx scrolls the content of a specific portion of the client area of ​​the window.
    SetScrollInfo The SetScrollInfo feature sets the search bar options, including minimum and full scroll position, country sizes Scroll and scroll position (in inches). This function also redraws each of our scrollbars on demand.
    SetScrollPos Reason SetScrollPos sets the navbar position (inch) in the specified navbar and redraws this custom scrollbar on demand to reflect the last position of the scrollbar.

    The SetScrollPos function can be provided for backward matches. New applications should use this SetScrollInfo function.

    SetScrollRange The SetScrollRange function sets the minimum and maximum scrollbar position for the specified scrollbar. [! Note]
    The SetScrollRange role has been conditionally suspended in the opposite direction for compatibility reasons. New applications should use the SetScrollInfo function.

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