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    This section provides guidance for Microsoft UI Automation support for the DataGrid control type only.

    The DataGrid loss type allows the user to easily work with elements that contain data, as well as automation elements represented in columns or rows. Data grid controls now contain items and columns with dots on those items. The List View Manager in Windows Vista Explorer is the instance that supports the DataGrid control.

    The following sections define the UI Automation tree, properties, control behavior, and events required for the managed DataGrid. UI Automation requirements apply to all data grid controls, especially UI framework / framework that integrates UI Automation supportisa for control types and wait patterns.

    Typical Tree Structure

    The following table shows the contents of the routine checks and the UI Automation tree view associated with the data grid controls that you can use, and describes the items that you can include in each Outlook. For more information on the UI Automation tree, see User Interface under Automation Tree Overview .

    Control type Content display
    • DataGrid
      • Header (0, step 1, 2)
        • HeaderItem or (number of columns and rows)
      • DataItem (0 or more; hierarchy may be required)
    • DataGrid
      • DataItem (0 and higher; can be structured into a completely new hierarchy)

    Relevant Properties

    The following table lists the UI Automation properties whose value, or perhaps definition, is particularly relevant to the generic DataGrid control type. For more information on UI Automation properties, see Getting UI Automation from Properties .

    UI Automation Property value Notes
    UIA_AutomationIdPropertyId See notes. The value of this key fact property must be unique among all peers in the source material based on the UI automation tree.
    UIA_BoundingRectanglePropertyId See notes. The outer rectangle contains a healthy control.
    UIA_ClickablePointPropertyId See notes. ByIt is held when there is a specific bounding rectangle. If all of the steps in the bounding box are probably not clickable and the element is performing special penetration tests, override unwrapping and better clickable point.
    UIA_ControlTypePropertyId data grid
    UIA_IsContentElementPropertyId TRUE The value of this property must always be TRUE. This means that the Data Grid control usually needs to be in Content View with a UI Automation tree.
    UIA_IsControlElementPropertyId TRUE The value of this property must always be TRUE. This means that data grid management should always be included in every control view of the UI automation tree.
    UIA_IsKeyboardFocusablePropertyId See notes. If a controller can receive keyboard focus, it must support this property.
    UIA_LabeledByPropertyId See notes. If there is an OLE text label, it is s The device must be provided through a link to that control.
    UIA_LocalizedControlTypePropertyId See notes. A localized collection corresponding to the DataGrid to retain type control. The default is a data grid for en-US or English (USA).
    UIA_NamePropertyId See notes. A data grid control typically gets the value of its Name property from the static text keyword. In the absence of an audible text label, it is important that the development application assigns a value to some of the name properties. The value of this Name property can never constitute the bulk of the text content of a view control.

    Required Control Model

    win32 grid control

    The following table lists the UI Automation control templates that should automatically support all data graph controls. For more information on operating models, see Understanding Control Automation Modelsuser interface .

    Governance Model help Notes
    IGridProvider Required The data grid control itself still supports the grid , which is responsible for the model, because the elements they contain have metadata that is drawn to the grid.
    IScrollProvider Dependent Scrolling data grid depends on content and presence of frequent stripes.
    ISelectionProvider Dependent Ability to select dates, the grid of which depends on the content.
    ITableProvider Dependent Header based validation supports the table validation pattern.

    Data partitions in data grid containers probably support at least:

    • SelectionItem Control Trend (if the data grid was still selectable)
    • ScrollItem Control model (if the data is traditionally scrolled)
    • GridItem Reference Model
    • TableItem Reference Plane (if yes in the grid There are some interesting events


    Required The Following Table Lists The UI Automation Events That Must Be Supported By Network Flow Controls. For More Information On Events, See UI Event Automation Overview .

    Sample DataGrid Control Type

    The following figure shows a list view constraint that implements the DataGrid delete type, Control

    View and monitor the contents of the UI Automation tree associated with the list controls shown below. The control model because each automation element is listed in parentheses.

    UI Automation Framework – Control View UI Automation Tree – View Content
    DataGrid (sort, array, fetch, grid)

    • Header
      • HeaderItem “Name” (query)
      • HeaderItem “Date modified” (query)
      • HeaderItem “Size” (call )
    • Group “Contoso” GridItem, (tableitem, SelectionItem, Table *, Grid *)
      • DataItem “Accounts Debitoren.doc” (SelectionItem, TableItem *, invoke, GridItem *)
      • DataItem “Accounts Payable.doc” (SelectionItem, Invoke, TableItem *, GridItem *)

    < / td>

    DataGrid (Table, Selection)

    • Group Grid, “Contoso” (TableItem, GridItem, SelectionItem, Table *, Grid *)
      • DataItem “Accounts Decivable.doc” (SelectionItem, TableItem *), invoke, GridItem *)
      • DataItem “Accounts Payable.doc” (SelectionItem, Invoke, TableItem *, GridItem *)

    * The above example shows the best data grid containing multiple CAs. Group Administration (“Contoso”) contains two DataItem controls (“Accounts Receivable.doc” and “Accounts Payable.doc”). The two DataGrid / GridItems are independent of the pair on the other level. The DataItem in Group Unit controls can also be inferred as the type of the ListItem control, making it easier to represent it as selectable objects instead of simple data items. This example doesn’t really contain your subitems, grouped items. For another tiered situation, check the DataItem field.



    win32 grid control

    Overview of Custom Control Typesth interface


    User interface overview



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