Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have tried out the new Bento skin from Winamp.

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Bento Rating

Bento rating

Based on the insolvent skin (Bento’s unique user interface) for Winamp 5.5, it got classic (no SUI), just skin pores because I wanted. Original design by Taber Boole, Martin Pöllman and / or Allison ben. The classic version of Luigi Hanna.

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November 13, 2007, Nullsoft Skinz 621187 downloads

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Secret Bento

This Bento form finally allows windows to be positioned the way customers want, but it is a regular skin that lacks most of the functionality of a modern skin.


My only wish is, of course, to be able to use the latest color theme in a different way. – January 8 new KStachowiak from

Great! – This facial skin was actually the reason I first sued new skin! I love the Bento skins, but I didn’t like the space they took up in front of my desk and the fact that most of me couldn’t rearrange the windows. This is exactly what I was trying to do! – March 13, 2008 – C. Jackie.

BEST SKIN – ABSOLUTELY best skin – HIGH. See what these lines are! Dark – the eyes are not irritating. Amazing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! – February 3, 2008, Boris Yakubchik

The classic way to use Winamp – I’m no different in that this is the typical way to use Winamp. – January 21, 2008, Andreas Fenant

Great! – I like the Bento skin, but for some reason I like my playlist under my own player, just like the Winamp Classic skin; if I had a choice between bento or our own classics, I would choose the classics. But here is a solution for my needs! Hooray! (Why isn’t the skin added with the installer?) – January 17, 2008, by Robert Kannudt

jolly – I don’t know what’s wrong with skinning down in this setting … 🙁 to get the color, besides the notifier song, select other basic skins (e.g. cardboard layout, dimensions, etc.). me create winamp, it looks like this conf The guration disappeared. WTF? How do I save this ??? – Jan 10, 2008 by ed ed

winamp new bento skin

Great! – Like many others, this is all I was looking for! – January 10, 2008, Alexey Ivanov.

Classic bento ..? weird-o – Well, since I downloaded the anniversary version of Winamp from my work PC (WinXp PC in an internet cafe), the Bento skin is a chore, and considering that I had a few classic skins that I created over these years that I just used them, now found at home and at work, I will have a bento look on my face – January 7, 2008, Alfonso Rodrges Martnez

Good! – I really like the skin now. Looks good and can be fast. Now I can arrange the important things as I want ^ _ ^ At least thanks for the great skin! – Pyro – January 6, 2008 by Pyro Maniac

Great! Changing – for the sake of change does not always make sense! so to speak. Microsoft thought IE7’s navigation buttons would be separated somehow to make it cooler … now Winamp thought their drive needed to be bigger to compete with iTunes?!? with?! I really like Winamp for the way it was bred … a good old box sander (with aWith PL / eq windows!). Of course, you need a little facelift and that’s it! 🙂 great skin, well done, man! – December 26, 2007 by jm

Very cool! “This is exactly what I wanted! Unfortunately, the only thing missing is the window cover of the album cover. Unfortunately, I think this also means that you can convert the modern skin. It’s still great! – December 4, 2007 by Nhexima Endanger

winamp new bento skin

Bento look, classic leather comfort! “I liked the usual ‘look’ of the new bento complexion, but * hated * this long bar. This skin was probably exactly what I was looking for. – Thanks! December 21, 2007 with Ken Erling

Great !! – great job .. simple, classic and useful =) – December 12, 2007 Posted by The – Wizard

great! How cute!!! I was probably looking for something comfortable. found and also an exact match! Many thanks. – December 2, 2007, Revaz Eristavi

Good! – Exactly what I tried, but can it have any other color theme for the modern version? – November 20, 2007 by John Olson

Enlarged pores are really beautiful skin. But one problem, I am using Type 5.5 Pro, and when I start I start my Winamp with Bento Classic, I get the following error: Failed: – Make a bitmap skin 🙁 – November 29, 2007, Nemesis Genesis

10 – BELIEVE GOOD – Fimka Fimka, November 29, 2007

Clean and smooth is a nice adaptation of this bento, with everything inside. I appreciate. – November 28, 2007 Jason Jones

Damn it, that might be cool! – I like the bento skin, but the original bento might have a higher CPU usage (because it is a really modern skin). But this classic bento skin is great for everyone 🙂 Thanks a lot! (Sorry for my lousy english!) – November 27, 2007 at andish182 ::.

Excellent skin! This skin shows that the bento look is great for the classic skin too! Kudos to Nullsoft Skinz for their excellent work. – November 23, 2007 Dan T.

I almost like it! – This is what I want when I see the new Winamp, BUT I want music-art-photography. Is this a new way? Sorry for the English. – November 16, 2007 by Macko Phoenix

Something Old Something New – Usually one of the best skins I’ve seen in a long time! Happy 10th Anniversary Winamp! – November 16, 2007, mainly by John Hewne

Great! – Exactly what I was thinking when I first launched W5.5. “Why can’t this skin be very simple? And then I find it. – November 15, 2007, Manoj Chandrasekhar.