If Windows 7 icons in the notification area are gone, it’s worth reading these repair ideas to fix the error code on your computer. g.Open my Taskbar and Start Menu Control Panel. On the Taskbar tab, in the Notification Area section, click the Customize button. Notice the “Enable or disable wildcard characters” link in the notification area window. Click the link and make sure all the icons you prefer are checked.




Every version of Windows has a taskbar, and each taskbar has a notification area that displays icons when programs are running, as well as icons representing the human body and everything except the notifications they generate. Among these various system icons that contain home notifications in the taskbar area are the values ​​for volume, power, network and action center, each of which is also a kind of shortcut to various settings. For this reason, a system that has icons in the notification area is extremely important to the average person’s successful day-to-day use of a computer.

However, these icons, especially the volume and network styles, tend to be missing from the notification area / taskbar. This small layout becomes an extremely annoying and visible problem, a problem that Windows users all over the world are about You haven’t known since Windows Vista. This issue can also affect the successor to Windows Vista, several Windows and later versions of the main Windows operating system.

windows 7 taskbar icons disappeared fix

Users affected by this issue sometimes feel temporary relief when they restart their laptop or computer and find that the missing human body icons have returned to some rightful place. However, this relief is temporary, as one or more of the community symbols disappear again after a long time. Fortunately, this problem can certainly be permanently fixed as it is clearly annoying, and here are some of the most effective solutions experts say you can use:

Solution 1: Repair Missing System Icons Using Registry Editor

Turn off tablet mode.Restart Windows Explorer.Clear your cache of app icons.Delete temporary files.ResetSelect applications from the taskbar.Run the SFC command.Restore the system image.Use System Restore, create a new user account if desired.

The most practical and popular solution to the problem is to restore missing network icons by making some changes to the affected user’s computer registry using the built-in Windows utility, better known as the name of the registry editor. … If we want to solve this problem using this method, you need:

Just type Run dialog into regedit and press Enter to launch Registry Editor. If asked confirm the task or enter the administrator password, the behavior will be exactly what you want.

In the left pane of Registry Editor, navigate to the following directory:

windows 7 taskbar icons disappeared fix

HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Classes> Local Settings> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> TrayNotify

In the pane to the right of Registry Editor, right-click the entry named IconStreams, see Uninstall in the product pop-up list and click Yes on the next pop-up window.

Then find the entry named PastIconsStream and right-click it, choose Delete from the context menu and click Yes in the corresponding pop-up window.

Notese. If you are not scanning the TrayNotify subfolder under CurrentVersion in the right pane of the registry (which editor is the limited one), press Ctrl + F to search the entire computer’s registry. In the constantly hacked search dialog, leave it as it is, sort the IconStreams in the Find box, and click Find Next. Find your registry, and when the process is complete, you will be redirected to the location where the IconStreams registry entry is located. The PastIconsStream registry entry is in one place and you can delete any of them.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager.

Close Task Manager. From now on, you should see that the system icons are missing in their places.

Solution 2: Use A Microsoft Fix-It Specifically Designed To Fix The Problem Directly

As mentioned earlier, our own registry is an incredibly vulnerable side of any Windows computer. This is because most people definitely won’t want to mess with their entire registry and won’t want to work on a solution to the problem of manually modifying the registry. If you are one of those lPeople, fear not, because there is a good, reliable and much safer solution to this problem that allows you to take the time to fix the problem with a registry editor. registry editor! Are you arguing about how your whole family will cope with such a task? Well, all you have to do is click here, click Download in the Fix it for yourself section of the Microsoft article to help you get started downloading Microsoft Fix-It, which is mainly used to fix this issue and when the fix is ​​loaded, preview it and double click to run.

After running Microsoft Fix-It, follow the instructions on the screen, on the one hand, it will make the necessary changes to the registry of your computer so that you do not have time to mess with the registry and the whole process in Basically creates a risk-free one.

Several Solutions: Run The Recovery System

If the public has restore system points that were created exactly before you encountered this problem, you can fix it by running a huge restore system. RestoreThe system update starts through your computer at the previously set backup time, although the data stored on you will not be much affected. Performing a system restore removes all programs, applications, vehicle operators, and updates that were installed when the selected system restore point was created. To perform a system restore, you must:

While holding down the Windows key, press R. In the dialog box, enter rstrui.exe and click OK.

When starting the System Restore program, click “Choose a different restore point” and click “Next”.

Click and select a good system restore point that was causing you the problem before you encountered this problem.

After a successful system restore, click “Finish”.

Restart the new computer, and if the solution is successful, after shutting down the computer, the most frequently missing system icons will be displayed instead of the old clients.

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Right click on the taskbar.Click Properties.Click the Start Menu tab.Click the “Configure” button.Click Use Default Settings and click OK to reset your preferred system tray and Start menu to their original defaults.

The taskbar can undoubtedly hide at the bottom of the screen after being resized by mistake. Place your mouse pointer at the bottom of your personal screen. , click and drag up. If the taskbar doesn’t hide at the bottom of the screen, try moving your mouse to the edges of OK, Left, and Up, looking for double arrows.