Sometimes you may get an error message on your computer that the Windows Installer package is setup.exe. There can be several reasons for this problem.


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    Setup.exe can be a non-MSI bootloader or installer. The non-MSI contractor retrieves installation resources from itself and maintains its installation. The bootloader contains MSI instead of individual files. In this case, setup.exe links to the Windows Installer to install the MSI.

    windows installer package setup.exe

    I have looked at all the listings, but all the details are guesswork. Help me find the exact answers.


    asked in November 2009 at 11:38 a.m.


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    The MSI file is your Windows Installer database. The Windows Installer (a service with Windows installed) uses ours to install software into your routine (eg copying files, setting values, computer, etc.).

    The setup.exe file can become either a bootloader or a non-MSI installer. The non-MSI installer pulls application resources from itself and restricts their installation directly. The bootloader may well contain the MSI, rather than the individual files associated with it. If this is your current setup.exe, Windows will call the installer to download the MSI.

    windows installer package setup.exe

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    Rule of thumb: If you don’t know what you’re working on, it’s a good idea to use the main setup.exe whenever you’re faced with this choice between one setup.exe or the other. msi after extracting the software installer for your program. Files with the msi extension, alias msp, are filesmi Windows Installer packages.

    The executable is often smaller due to better compression, but the choice to include and package most of the MSI file, extract it automatically, and include images can be anything but a .

    The Microsoft Windows Installer is a component of the Windows operating system. The Windows Installer provides a standard framework for installing and uninstalling software. And Windows Installer 4.5 is released as a redistributable version for the following operating components: Windows XP SP2. Windows XP SP3.