Today’s user guide is designed to help you when you encounter the Windows Live Mail 2014 not working error.



Windows Live Mail is an older Microsoft email address that came with the Windows operating system preinstalled. However, this ended within a year. But this year he did not stop communicating. The user is unable to contact Microsoft support if an error is displayed in the live mail client. Consequently, many errors and problems accumulate to successfully fix the problem with not working Windows Mail.

This blog covers nearly all of the issues and errors that Windows Live Mail users face when launching their decades old email clients. Moreover, we will provide a great solution to any problem to save you from the dilemma that Windows Live Mail is no longer working.

windows live mail stopped working 2014

Most patients cannot understand the Windows Live Mail issue, although it is definitely caused by a minor issue. The services offered by Windows Live Mail have now been migrated to Outlook as it is the latest version of Microsoft’s email client. Perhaps some customers do not want to leave the most important, simple and controllableLive mail.

We have provided solutions for all the complex problems that Live Mail does not work on. But before that, let’s identify a few common causes that lead to problems with Windows Live.

Common Causes Of Windows Live Mail Is Definitely Working Error

There are several reasons for errors and therefore problems in Windows Mail live. They interfere with Windows Live Messaging and affect your business. Some of them are known below.

  • If Mail Live cannot connect to the server for you, it displays several issues that are preventing these users from working.
  • The most common source of errors for Windows Live Mail is the synchronization of an authorized graphics card driver with Windows.
  • The main reason Windows Live is not working is because of the update of the Windows mail client as well as the operating system.

All of the above reasons are also general and may not apply to all users. Thus, we made solutions for each error, in particular the problems that no longer work in Windows Live Mail.

Windows Mail Is Not Localized. Error And Suitable Solutions

If you encounter Windows Mail Live errors, you should successfully use the solutions listed here, which also include the following.

# 1. Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

windows live mail stopped working 2014

This is a common new error causing Windows Live Mail to become unresponsive. It is created simply because the Live Mail client almost certainly cannot connect to the servers.

Whenever there is a new update in the computer hardware, it can lead to this error as there are synchronization issues. Hence, you will need to properly sync and reconfigure Windows Live to send email to servers in order to resolve this issue. Then you can follow the steps below to set up your email client correctly.

  • Launch Windows Live Mail and locate the main account icon, click
  • Now click on the plus sign (+) with the @ sign.
  • Enter your awesome login details i.e. H. Username and Password.
  • Enable the Manually configure server settings option.
  • Then youSelect the server types in the Incoming Mail Server Information section.
  • Enter the server address and plug-in number here.
  • Select the “Require SSL for actual connection” checkbox.
  • In the same way, enter the server and port number of the address for this outgoing server information.
  • Then select the “Require secure SSL connection” and “Require authentication as attachment” checkbox.
  • Press Return, Next icon.

Following the steps above will set up Windows Live Mail with the Internet and resolve the “Windows Live Mail Not Working” issue.

# 2. Error 0x8007007A

This is one of the bugs that Windows Live users are fed up with. This happens when you try to send an email. To be more specific, your most recent ones are usually displayed when there are attachments in emails.

If the digital client is unable to send me emails with attachments, the company displays this error. However, you can manage multimedia connected via SkyDive. However, if you only send it via OneDrive, you will seeTake this bug in the air. There is no cause for concern; We are offered various alternatives to avoid this particular error that prevents you from getting out of the situation where Live of Mail stops working. To avoid crashing, try the following options.

  • This error may be related to a specific email address. Delete each message in turn and try sending another one.
  • You can reconfigure your Windows Live account and delete it with the correct settings.
  • Make sure you have the ability to flawlessly create email photos from specific attachments.

You can apply almost all of the above solutions as you see fit.

# 3. Live Mail probably won’t work on Windows 10

Another common error that Windows Live Mail Internet users face on the Internet is that Windows Live Mail stops working after upgrading Windows 10. This happens when users upgrade to Windows 10 after Windows 7. Since Microsoft did not develop Live Mail for Windows 10, gender userstake into account errors when starting all mail clients in the latest version of the application for Windows.

  • Open Windows Live Mail Administrator in Compatibility Mode.
  • Reconfigure your awesome email account to fix any sync errors.
  • You can create a new Live Mail account and be sure to delete the old one.
  • Please try reinstalling to support Windows Essentials 2012 on your system.

Windows Live Mail is not working. The Windows error can be resolved by one of the solutions above.

# 4. Live Windows Mail not working due to support issues

As you all know, Microsoft has discontinued support for all Windows Mail email services. They also want users to switch to another new email provider like Outlook.

This makes it impossible to take care of the important things users encounter, and the user often has no choice but to switch to Outlook.

We also have a reliable alternative to help you keep all your Windows tips and attachmentsLive. You can select EML using the Aryson Converter tool. Is it awesome software that allows you to back up all data in your Windows Live mailbox in various file formats like EMLX, MBOX, HTML, PDF, MSG, PST, etc. to your desktop? Email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Thunderbird, IMAP, etc. are no problem.


Here we get solutions for the type of Windows Live Mail that is not working. Users confused by this problem can find solutions to answer it. Of course, different problems need to be treated differently, and we have come up with unambiguous solutions. If all else fails, you should definitely use a third party EML converter tool to move your emails in Outlook to added email clients with almost no data loss.

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