In the past few weeks, some readers have come across an error message stating that Windows Update is interfering with Windows 7. There could be multiple causes for this issue. Let’s take a look below.


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    Some Windows 7 administrators have been having headaches all week with the latest Microsoft updates on Tuesday.

    Luckily for Microsoft, hardworking administrators continue to find bugs that Microsoft didn’t find in preliminary testing.

    This time, they found that the January security updates are undoubtedly blocking Windows 7 devices due to the idiosyncratic Windows ‘Not Genuine’ license error and an error that caused the Remote Shares Administrator in Windows Server 2008 and R2 to Windows crashed. 7.

    Issues are due to General Monthly Cumulative Update KB4480970 , and you can only see security update KB4480960 for Windows that is more effective with SP1 and Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1. Born

    günter Borncity attempted to report the original Windows 7 plugin and individual network sharing issues included in these updates.

    As noted by Bourne, the monthly rollup KB4480970 contains contact information to address the serious This is a PowerShell bug and improves additional mitigation against Specter side-channel attacks and failures.

    While it is recommended to fix this quickly, administrators found that the update triggered network sharing at least over the SMBv2 file sharing protocol. Bourne realized that a security-only update could prevent errors, but found that the house was causing the same problems.

    Reports from

    Borns and Others noted that Microsoft did not list specific bugs as known issues on their respective support pages for KB4480960 and KB4480970, which are often issues. p>

    Regarding the Not Genuine error on some Windows, Microsoft confirms that it is common for “some users to report a Not Genuine 0xc004f200 KMS activation error on seven Windows devices.”

    “We are aware of this incident and are currently investigating it. We will make changes when it becomes available, “- writes Microsoft simultaneously in KB4480960 and KB4480970.

    The source of the activation error is an anti-piracy Windows activation technology update that youStarted by Microsoft eight months ago, which caused panic even after Windows 10 deactivated legitimate games.

    As reported by , for some reason this week Microsoft has postponed the April update KB971033 , which should say “confirms that a copy of Windows 8 works on your laptop or computer for real. “

    The problem, as noted by the Reddit sysadmin , is that KB971033 should never have been installed first in a KMS environment. The system administrator discovered the reason when several thousand Windows 7 virtual PCs were suddenly and falsely reported that they were already running non-genuine Windows.

    “I woke up this morning and found several Windows 7 VDI computers that showed Windows 7 to be fake. After fixing many bugs, we found that KB971033 (shouldn’t have the KMS environment installed in the original location, was installed on the machines, “wrote the system administrator in each case.

    “To date, managing this knowledge base is not a major problem. UpdatedDeleting, deleting the KMS cache and activation data on some computers, and refusing to reactivate KMS resolved the problem. ” A

    Microsoft has also posted a description of the conditions in which users see a pause in network sharing, and a workaround until a fix is ​​sent.

    “Local users, who usually do not belong to the local Administrators zone, can access shared folders on computers running Windows Server 08 R2 and Windows 7 from a different location immediately after installing the January 8, 2019 updates. accounts in the local Administrators group have problems, “Microsoft says.

    “As a workaround for this issue, use a city account that is not a member of the local Administrators group, or use almost any domain (including custom domain administrators). We recommend a workaround until the unpredictable time is gone. available publication “

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