Today’s guide is designed to help you when you receive a windows XP Bad Pool Caller installation error.


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    The Bad Pool Caller error message is displayed by the Windows operating system when it cannot read the file or determine that it is needed. The Windows operating system blocks a number of necessary “data pool” files. This data chain is similar to instant storage with Windows and allows it to read near-necessary files when it needs them.

    windows xp installation error bad pool caller

    Problem: How to fix the BAD_POOL_HEADER blue screen error on Windows?

    Pool Caller Error

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    Summary. Before proceeding with the steps to fix the BAD POOL HEADER 0x00000019 error, it is important that you restore the missing data in turn by creating data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional. Get platforms now!

    Uninstalling Windows Updates

    Windows 10 Updates now include many bug fixes and performance improvements. But they can also be inair and create problems. So, if the BAD_POOL_CALLER BSOD occurred immediately after installing an exclusive OS update, you need to restore it to a previous state.

    windows xp installation error bad pool caller

    Part 1. What Is The Bad Billiard Caller 0x00000c2 Blue Screen?

    Bad Blue Screen Pool Unknown Caller 0x00000c2 is an incredible Windows error that mostly occurs due to faulty registry entries and poorly designed system settings. Incorrect selection of bsod 0x00000c2 bad_pool_caller would be an equal error, which is also suspect if you need to check for software error 0x00000c2. This error mainly occurs when the software requires almost no available resources from the main system. There are many symptoms associated with the Bad Pool Call 0x00000c2 blue screen, including drives, slow private access, freezing, computer shutting down without warning, etc. Your bad pool is causing the red partition 0x00000c2.2. :

    What Is The Bad Pool Blue H2 Tags Screen Error?

    The Bad Pool title indicates that your computer has experienced a memory allocation failure. The “Pool” has become the “Memory Pool”, which is basically created based on the memory manager approach Windows to memory allocation, and “Header” refers to a header annotation that defines how the function uses and limits the return value. Thus, Bad Pool Header is an error that occurs when the storage area header is corrupted because the process is considered to be erroneously removed from the safe digital pool.

    Blue Screen With “Bad Children’s Pool Caller” An Error Appears

    After installing Windows XP, the notorious blue screen with the Bad Pool Caller message is enough to make VirtualBox look good.The system retains this error message after a reboot.You can boot into Windows in safe mode. AlreadyI just tried to change some settings regarding VirtualBox and tried to set up Windows XP with different spaces but couldn’t apply the blue screen.I also enabled adding a guest when I was initially in safe mode, but that may not have helped.

    Part 1. What Could Be A Bad Pool Header?

    If there is an exceptional problem with the main computer’s physical memory, a Bad Pool Header error on a new Windows computer will produce. This is one of the many blueScreen of Death (BSOD) that occur when Windows creates a problem with the good old Windows RAM allocation. But it can also be caused by other hard drive or RAM issues, such as the inability to process tasks that unfortunately use the hard drive or RAM.


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