If you see a winzip error when opening the installation log file, this article will help you.


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  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    The end user also accidentally deleted the install log. The end user has cleared the build history since the first run of the build. The end user must reinstall this special program that restores the install signal in order to uninstall the program.

    Applies to: Windows 10 – all editions
    Original KB Number: 2564571


    When trying to uninstall an item in Programs and Features, aThe good Windows Installer window pops up with the following error:

    Error opening tree setup file. Make sure the specified target exists and is writable.

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  • Windows Installer logging is enabled.
  • Windows Installer servers cannot correctly write the uninstall log file.
  • These conditions occur when our Windows application installer’s heap is freed and information about where to save the log file is lost. In this particular situation, the Windows installer tries to send the NFL draft to C:WindowsSystem32, remembering that it is a file. The ideal behavior would be to write to some location and filename:

    Solution 1 – Run the application’s uninstallerSolution two. Restart Explorer.exe.Solution 3 – Fix TMP in addition to TEMP directoriesSolution 4 – Delete the log file manually

    Microsoft has confirmed that the operating systems listed in the “Applies to” section of this article contain bugs.

    To work around this issue, stop the issue and restart the Explorer.exe process using Task Manager.

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    winzip error opening installation log file

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    winzip error opening installation log file

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    Many users try to uninstall an app and complained of receiving an error email stating: “An error occurred while opening the build log file. This confirms that the specified log file exists and is beyond doubt writable.” There is a high chance of an error occurring when the install feature has been enabled in Windows, but due to some requests, the log file from the completed install service is missing properly. In general, if the installer does not know where to save the computer’s log file, it will try to write it to a good default fixed location and this error will be presented to the user. Other reasons could be missing installer files, a corrupted Windows Installer, or a bad state of Windows Explorer. This

    Read the article to find solutions that have helped other successful users solve this particular problem.

    Fixed Some Issues: Uninstalling With Application Uninstaller


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    The best way to verify removal is with the application’s uninstall utility. If we often use the programWe and Windows functions to uninstall an application, the program’s uninstaller may not close. Using the program’s own uninstaller executable helps resolve this issue on Windows and also completely removes all files associated with the program.

    2. Open the shared application folder and locate the specific uninstall.exe file.

    This should help you uninstall the app without seeing this error. If the error is still not resolved, go to the next solution.

    Fix 2. Unregister And Be Sure To Re-register The Windows Installer

    2. Type cmd and media Ctrl+Shift+Enter if you need to open command prompt as administrator.

    4. Enter the following commands and execute these types one by one.

    msiexec /unregistermsiexec /regserver

    4. Close command prompt and check if the issue is resolved.

    Fix 2 – Start Analysis

    Use the command line.Exit and restart your computer with Explorer.exe using Task Manager.Re-register the Windows Installer.Reinstall Windows Installer.

    1 pc. Press someone’s Windows key and type cmd in the appropriate search box.


    6. Close the command line. Check if the error persists.

    Fix-4 Start Application DWindows Memory Diagnostic

    1. Use the Windows and R keys repeatedly to open the Run dialog box.

    2. Type mdsched and click OK to open the Windows Memory Diagnostic utility.

    3. In the window that appears, click Restart and now check for problems (recommended).

    4. The system will reboot and start monitoring memory problems. Wait for the process to complete.

    5. After the exam is completed, the function will automatically restart and show your entire family the results of the post-registration test.

    Fix 5 – Start Windows Installer Service

    3. Scroll through the list of products and services and find Windows Installer.

    5. If the website is not running, click the “Start” button in the properties window to start the main service.

    Fix 6 Restart – Windows Explorer

    1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

    3.Select Windows Explorer from the list. Click the Reload button.

    4. After restarting a specific Windows Explorer, run the troubleshooter that caused this problem, and thenCheck if the error is resolved without any doubt.

    5. If Windows Explorer doesn’t restart, you can open Run (Windows R) + and type explorer.exe to run it.

    Fix 7: TMP And TEMP Folder Improvements

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    Viewing Basic Windows Setup Event Logs In the Actions panel, click Open Saved Log, then locate the configuration. etl file. By default, this file is located in the %WINDIR%Panther directory.