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    Over the past week, some of our readers have encountered an error with the wubi error handling exception message. This problem can arise for several reasons. We’ll look at them now. The exception handling element error 0xc0000135 occurs when Windows web users try to run a potential game application that requires a lot of graphics processing. The error options target a missing dynamic-link library (DLL) or Visual C ++ Redistributable.

    If I am using the latest Wubi plan, but I get the error “Windows does not message about CD or DVD exception handling c0000013, option 75b6bf7c475b6bf 7c75b6bf7c”, I usually cannot close Error message boxes, I can Take a step, do not move, then I forced the system computer and tried to start wubi again with the same error word. every help is a gratitude. operating system – windows xp news flash cnter edition

    Are you trying to install Wubi version 9.04? This version is no longer supported by the media (and for 8.04 and 9.10 it will probably be completed soon). If so, you should instead test your installation of Wubi 10.04 or Wubi 10.10.

    wubi error exception processing message

    If you are using any of these versions and are having this problem, before releasing the Wubi installer, check if you have disabled the target SD card device group in Device Manager. See Http: // art.ubuntuforum d.php? T = 1412802 malware and 365881 for more information.

    If still doesn’t work, save (again for this question, not preparing a new one).

    wubi error exception processing message

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