Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have come across a known bug that causes xbmc to fail to initialize the Ubuntu optical audio device. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. Let’s discuss this below.


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    Hello, I have a mini problem with the new version of Ubuntu xbmc 9.11. When I run the background art video with i ac3, I get the message “Failed to initialize song device”, when I run the video for the second time, with AC3, everything works fine. The computer simply connects to the specific SPDIF amplifier via. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I had a similar issue, but it has only been fixed 23 times since the 9.11 10 1 beta was released (about a day or so, actually). I tried to reproduce and capture the debug log, but so far without success. As far as I remember, this happened with .avi divx files.

    If I say something like that, I’ll get the wrong initialization message; video “Just stop”; Try again and it works

    I programmatically got this error, but it keeps changing. I can’t find a setting that helps audio functions.

  • No DTS Sound Andand AC3 On XBMC

    So I banged my head against the wall a few times without saying a word, and finally decided to ask if it was for help. I apologize in advance if this is a repost of a car, I have seen similar topics on this forum, but none of them helped in my case. Anyway, this is my problem using :

    I have Ubuntu 12.04 on an HTPC (with a Radeon 6570 card) installed with XBMC. My computer is usually connected to my TV via HDMI, and the TV is connected to receive sound from my compatible receiver, with DTS, via a useful optical cable. When I create video files with VLC via dts-audio everything works fine, but when I go through XBMC I have no sound (I get the “Sound Initialization Failed” error). When I find XBMC leaking all over the air, I get sound through all the speakers, but there is full feedback at the end with sound, but only from the left front speaker and right (2.0 instead of 51). When I play music through XBMC, the speakers seem to be cut down, but this is definitely not a DTS signal at all. I tried to remove pulseaudio, but it does not allow me to remove the sound completely and in qualityThe other devices under the audio collage (settings System Preferences -> Sound) have been removed. Running aplay -l will display the charts on the minute chart.

    I’m relatively new, really any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Best HDMI connection through each AVR to TV display


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    The screen may not transcode audio formats well. Some give out stereo la only by optical signals of the internal (except for the receiver / tuner).
    Some TVs support pass-through and ac3 DTS transmission.should

    vlc can use dts S/PDIF passthrough, while hdmi XBMC can use HDA multilink (HDMI lpcm only).

    You may have found a good way to select HDMI audio device in iec958/spdif XBMC.

    If applicable, go to “sound settings menu”. Does anyone mean Xbmc or pavucontrol?

    Choosing an Ubuntu sound tuning tool can be silly.

  • Re: Xbmc Not Playing DTS AC3 Sound

    Unfortunately , the receiver does not have an HDMI input or output, optical preferably and coaxial digital.

    When I say “sound settings menu”, I mean xbmc anyway. There is often a hdmi ice958 variant that in xbmc works to transfer through the device, but be aware that when I select, I can’t find sound. The audio output of the phone in the xbmc set is on my visual card. I’ll definitely try talking to the HTPC receiver to see if it works, but hopefully I wanted to avoid that.

  • Subject: DTS Or AC3 Sound From XBMC

    The passage of a stream of absolutely data is unstable.
    You can choose not to adjust the volume or just mix.

    Please note that VLC and xbmc have their own built-in ac3 encoder that can output via (iec958 S/PDIF or HDMI).

    xbmc failed to initialize audio device optical ubuntu

    When you need to play DTS media in VLC, does DTS “turn on” on the AVR/HT amplifier?

    One issue you may encounter is that HDMI transmits audio via ELD/EDID.
    Unable to open IEC958.
    So your graphics card says “yes”; TV sound capabilities This is not the final product (TVs) of iec958.

    You can install/run “pavucontrol” and use it to set the sound in ..
    Please note that you, VLC & & xbmc mytv, can completely override the setting of this system key.

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    I believe xbmc has an auto-detect feature, sorry, that’s about all I can find.

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