It is worth reading these fix ideas every time you get xbox 360 e73 error code on your computer.

g.If you’re getting the Xbox 360 slim error code E73 if any of your Xbox 3 chips are defective. This is often simply caused by broken solder joints. These solder joints are the results of the metal soldering that connects chips like the CPU and GPU to the Xbox 360 motherboard. If this is broken, an E73 will appear.


Cold Weld Connection – Ethernet / Southbridge

Major error code: 1 RLOD
E-code / Secondary error code: E73 and 1021
Binary / Hexadecimal: 01001001 / 0x49 -> 73
Known bug fixes:

1) X-Clamp-Fix of the south bridge
2) Rejection of Southbridge / Ethernet Chip Zone
3) Check the area around the south bridge for parts that may have fallen and solder them.4) In rare cases, the concept can also be GPU related. X-Clamp fix may work well compared to (bigart666)

Similar errors:

On platform

No related error!

This error is caused by the cold junction under the south bridge as well as the Ethernet chip. On rare occasions, it can also be caused by your own cold.m soldered joint under the GPU on one of the lines leading to the southbridge chip.
And incomplete parts (capacitors, resistances …) under the south bridge can also cause this error.



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Comments For Getting This Code:

I have held E73 several times on my Falcon Revision 1 card. Every time I leave it
overheat, then push down on the small Ethernet chip on the left rear of the device
Console, just above the south bridge. As with all XBoxes, this could be a bug
Millions in total, but for me that was the power of the Ethernet chip.

Solution 1. Try installing the update again.Solution number: Make sure you have enough disk space.Solution 3. Clear the structure cache.Re4. Reinstall the storage device.Solution: Copy the update to a USB stick or CD / DVD.Solution 6: Upload your profile again.

Hello everyone, I have fixed my e73 from x-clip fix. How to do it right
The pressure on the GPU is its trace and error. I may have drilled holes in the case, so
I have the ability to adjust the radiator without opening it Too much pressure and e73 instead of sufficient
and overheating. Worked As a charm.

Three blinking red lights around the Xbox 360 power button instead of one to four green lights indicate normal operation is a moderate maintenance issue. This bug was quickly dubbed the “Red Ring of Death”, reflecting the Windows Blue Screen of Death bug.

Surely not an Ethernet bug .. movie bug, GPU, Ana and / or maybe Southbridge …

Successfully repaired by reflowing the South Bridge at station ZT-7 at 250 ยฐ C in

I bought another refurbished Xbox 360 Falcon motherboard and rearranged it when I opened it
it looked like the person solving the problem had redirected the manual a bit
The current from the aid is another resistor / capacitor. information technology has been marked on the e73 motherboard
I guess then there was an error e73. as if you lost one of these resistances instead of
I have extras, I can take a picture of what he did

In some cases, a defective AV cable can cause the E73 error.

ATTENTION: We repair hundreds of similar consoles. Recently found E73 1021, removed
it only runs into broken chips under cpu reality which client tried
fix it yourself,

So the particular card is JUNK and they use it to buy a new Xbox

While this bug is not always some kind of propagation fix, it isMay indicate NO CHIPS

Hi guys
There is a lot of useful information about … I had an E73 error related to my box so I took your mommy
Proceed to inspect and note that two of the almost completely missing (micro) forks did not light up
Lots of each bottom of a larger product (CPU?). I had to use a special magnifier
Glass to see what’s going on and tried to deal with the loose lids, but they are
so small it’s almost impossible! What if this card is of poor quality?

@ bigart666 did the same and the problem went away after overheating. I amDid x-terminal fix the bug, but that doesn’t mean
GPU. The X-Clamp South Bridge patch that you need to unfold.

The correct way to rebuild this HANA-CPU GPU is to buy a BGA soldering station for it
Used and infrared radiation covers the entire area like a heat gun. I fixed a whole ton
error E73 on consoles in addition to error E74 just as well as using the BGA version
Station for rheareflow, then X-Clamp-Fix! $ 24-30 heat gun compared to
Soldering station BGA $ 800-1900!

Redirect the GPU twice before realizing that someone succeeded
Remove the top cover attached to the processor. Waste of time. It will depend on those who know how to
The client probably brought it back to FLeBay where I expected it to be
first of all !

xbox 360 e73 error cause

Error E73 can be caused by missing capacitors in the current processor. Be sure to try them
like. Most people don’t leave when they find out they are missing.

It gets stuck on every gpu I just played with, with two 1 quarter tips for every fan, be it
An overheating arrow that prevented me from working with the GPU

I have error e74, the heat gun is also reflowing. but I have a deficit of e73 1021
Guilt. What can I do? Views? Why do I have e74 so e73?

I got this error E73 / 1021, I have very good ads with my own hands. Hybrid on the same GPU. Video found
Component still doesn’t display anything, HDMI and VGA should be displayed
Error E73 on the screen. Overheating it as well as the CPU fan for 8 free minutes (felt hot to the touch
enough), let it sit for about an hour for fun, try it, it works! But only published
Non-hyphen logo (image still moved) and color and color sync

1 answer. 0011 Through the heater. If you get this severe error after disassembling the console, make sure the 8 heatsink screws are firmly tightened in the board / heatsink holes. This error occurs when the processor overheats. The comfort on the radiator cannot be suppressed and / or the radiator is not fully cooled.

Mobo screws tighten evenly and carefully, ignite again and turn green
The headlights in front of the dashboard are clear!

Summary: In my opinion, this is the equivalent of GPU defo !! I also found 2 toothpicks
in that closed toilet! : D

It’s hard for me to understand this. Reflow CPU, GPU, Hana, Southbridge … more
just e73. My setup – Presto as a hotplate preheater with Saike 852d + hot
Air reflow station. I build a reflow oven in the morning to see if it helps someday.

I have repaired 4 of 7 E73 units that were delivered to us for repair
simply melting the GPU with the Aoyue 968 and the powerful Ownta T-8280 as a preheat The owner.
I haven’t tried using the reflow southbridge so I can’t be sure if
works or not. I’m pretty sure the heat gun / stove can take over the tasks already done.

This CE is cool! I recommend a real x-clip first and assume it is not
useful reflow to taste the entire area of โ€‹โ€‹the south bridge of the khan. And even if it isn’t
do it … slide the clamps into place and sew them together – and you unfold!

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xbox 360 e73 error cause

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