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Windows Installer Repair Steps Caused Seven Issues



Here are some simple steps to help you fix your Windows 7 installation problem.






Cause Of Windows Installer Package Error

If you receive a warning or warning about a problem with the Windows Installer package, it usually means that the program is not working properly.about. This could be due to conflicting programs or applications, a virus or malware infection, insufficient system memory for running applications, or a graphics driver error.

Windows Installer package errors can also be caused by seemingly random system errors that are not followed by any major problems.

9 Hotfixes For Windows Installer Service Not Available. Error

Given the reasons, here are 9 helpful fixes you can use to fix the Windows Installer service error immediately:

  1. # 1. Start the Windows Installer service manually.
  2. # 2. Uninstall the old software / program you want to install.
  3. # 3. Install the latest Windows Installer.
  4. # 4. Reset Windows Installer Service Registration
  5. # 5. Register the Microsoft Installer service.
  6. # 6. Use the regsvr32 command
  7. # 7. Remove the duplicate MISEXEC file.
  8. # 8. Change the parameters of the service call to the delete procedure.
  9. # 9. Run SFC and DISM Commands

Return Note that 1-3 are quick fixes that you can use to quickly restore the Windows Installer service. If none of the three quick fixes worked, you can try 4-9 fixes one at a time.

Fix 1: Start Windows Installer Service Manually

There are two ports from which you can manually start Windows Installer. One is using the command line and the other is used to start manually.

Read the instructions for running Windows Installer.

Use the command line

Step 1. Type cmd in the Windows search box and right-click Command Prompt. Select “Run as administrator”.

Step 2. Type netstart MSIServer and press Enter.

Run Windows Installer manually via Service Settings

Step 1. Enter services in the Windows search and select Services from the list.

Step 2. Find Windows Installer in the service window and check its status.

Step 3. If it does not start, right-click Windows Installer and select Start.

Fix 2. Remove The Old Versionthis Software / Program You Want To Install

If Windows Installer does not work when you want to install a new version of a software or program, you can uninstall the previous version of the software or program.

We recommend that you first uninstall the old version from your computer. Sometimes installing software without removing the old version can cause unexpected problems.

Hotfix 3. Install The Latest Windows Installer

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If Windows Installer is out of date or incompatible with your current Windows operating system, it may not function correctly and you may receive the “Unable to access the Windows Installer service” error message. …

Here’s another convenient way to help: Install the latest Windows Installer. To do this, you can try the CMD command or manually install it.

Install Windows Installer using CMD command:

Step 1. Press the Windows R keys. Type cmd and hit Enter.

Step 2. At the command prompt, enter the following lines and press Enter after entering each line.

Step 3. When prompted, type exit and press Enter.

Step 4. Restart your computer.

Step 5. Update the Windows Installer files to the latest version.

To do this, visit Microsoft websites, download and install Windows Installer. After Windows installation is complete, shut down and restart your computer normally before installing any programs.

Download and install the latest Windows Installer manually

Step 1. Download Windows Installer manually from Microsoft.

Step 2. After downloading, double-click the file to start installation.

Step 3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

Fix 4: Reset Windows Installer Service Registration

Please note that changing the registry may cause some of your applications to crash. Be very careful when resetting Windows Installer through the registry.

Start by backing up the registry

Step 1. Search for regedit and press Enter. Click Yes to open the registry.

Step 2. In the save window go toGo to the “File” section and click “Export”.

Step 3. Select “All” as the export area, name the registry backup and click “Save” to export.

Then close the registry editor.

Create a .reg file and add it to the registry

Step 1. Open an editor or create a new text document.

Step 2. Paste the following text into the editor:

Step 3. Rename Notepad to Restore with the file extension -reg. In other words, you must use the ascalculated.reg editor.


Step 4. Right-click on the repar.reg file and select “Run as administrator”.

Step 5. If you are prompted for an administrator account and password, enter the password and click Next.

Step 6. When prompted to install registry keys, click Yes.

Then you can proceed with installing programs and software on your computer.

Fix 5: Register The Microsoft Installer Service Again

If you find that the Windows Installer service is not running, you can re-registerRip her. Reregistering the Microsoft Installer service is another great way to fix an error that the Windows Installer service could not access.

Step 1. Press the Windows R keys. Type cmd and hit Enter.

Step 2. At the command prompt, enter the following lines. You must press Enter every time after every line.

If you are using 32-bit Windows, enter the following commands one by one instead.

Step 3. Close the command prompt by typing “exit” and restarting your computer.

You have registered the Windows Installer service again. Check if you have fixed the error that the service could not access.

Fix 6. Use Regsvr32

Step 1: Enter cmd in the Windows search, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

Step 2. Type regsvr32 c: windowssystem32msi and press Enter.

Wait for the command to complete and close the command prompt when it completes.

Fix 7: Remove Duplicate MISEXEC File

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C: WindowsSystem32.

Step 2. NLocate the msiexec.exe file.

Step 3. If there is another msiexec file without extension or 0K file, delete it or rename it to msiexec.old.

Step 4. Go to Hotfix 1 to manually run Windows Setup.

Fix 8. Change The Settings For The Delete Procedure Call Service

Step 1. In Windows Searc enter service



Can’t install any programs on Windows 7?

What to do if Windows software won’t install

  1. Restart your computer. This is a common troubleshooting step, but important for a specific reason.
  2. Check the application installer settings.
  3. Free up storage space.
  4. Run the installer as administrator.
  5. Check 64-bit compatibility.
  6. Launch the patch program.
  7. Uninstall previous software versions.
  8. Check your antivirus settings.

Why Windows Installer is not working?

If you find that the Windows Installer service is not running, you can re-register the installer service. Reregistering the Microsoft Installer service is another great way to fix an error that the Windows Installer service could not access. Press Windows R keys. Type cmd and press Enter.