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Solved: Suggestions To Resolve Error 0141 Disk Not Found



This manual describes some of the possible causes that can cause error 0141 if the drive is not detected. Then you can try to fix this problem. If the computer starts up with the message “No disk found, press F1 to continue,” it means that the computer cannot find the default hard drive used at boot time.



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Common Causes Of Dell Inspiron 0141 Error Code

There is a common myth that error code 0141 indicates a bad hard drive. However, this is usually not the case. Most of the time, your hard drive will be healthy, but due to a loose SATA connector or a damaged SATA cable, the system cannot recognize the hard drive and therefore displays error 2000-0141. Other factors and issues that can lead to error 0141:

  • Incorrect HDD firmware update or firmware corruption
  • Bad hard drive.
  • File system corruption
  • Corrupted or corrupted BIOS.
  • Mechanical error
  • Physical damage to the disk
  • Part 2: Fix Dell Inspiron Error Code 0141 Using Recoverit?

    If you encounter Dell error code 0141 on your device and your hard drive is inaccessible, damaged, or undetectable, it means you have lostdata or cannot access it. It’s time to think about a data recovery solution. In this respect, third party recovery software will help you get your data back. Recoverit Data Recovery software is available for you here.

    Here are some of the notable features of the software that you can use to recover data from your Maxtor external hard drive.

    • Data recovery software recovers lost or deleted files, photos, audio files, music and email efficiently, safely and comprehensively from any storage device.
    • It makes it easy to recover data from the recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
    • It efficiently scans and recovers data lost due to sudden deletion, formatting, hard disk damage, virus attack and system crash in various situations.

    Here are the steps to get your software running efficiently. Download and install the software Read on to your Dell laptop to begin the data recovery process.

    Step 1. When the software is ready to use, open the user interface and select “Recover Deleted Files” from the main menu.

    error 0141 no drive detected

    Step 2. Â When you’re done choosing a location, click Start to let the program continue scanning. Perform a full restore to perform a deep scan.

    Step 3. After scanning is complete, the recovered data files will be displayed on the screen. Select files to recover. Click Repair to complete the process.

    Part 3. Free Troubleshooting Methods To Fix Dell Inspiron 0141 Error Code

    In addition to third-party software, there are built-in troubleshooting mechanisms to help you resolve your Dell Inspiron error code 0141. Below is a list of free fixes to troubleshoot.



    How do I fix error code 0146 on my Dell?

    How to fix hard drive error code 0146?

    1. Use antivirus or antivirus software.
    2. Start your laptop / computer in safe mode and perform a clean startup.
    3. Run a System File Checker (SFC) scan.
    4. Change BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) settings.
    5. Run Disk Cleanup.
    6. Run PSA diagnostics.
    7. Replace the hard drive.