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I Have A Problem With Error 101. Helo Command Failed.



In this article, we will learn about some of the possible causes that can cause the helo command sending error to fail, and then suggest possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

The error “Error connecting SMTP ()” can be caused by many reasons, which we will discuss one by one. Invalid username and password for SMTP authentication. The SMTP port is blocked by the mail server firewalls. SSL / TLS is not supported on the mail server and encryption is enabled in WP settings. June 27, 2018



error 101 send helo command failed





The server cannot connect.

Try changing the server name (it may be misspelled) or the connection port.


Connection refused or unable to open SMTP stream.

This error is usually related to a problem connecting to a remote SMTP server, depending on the firewall or the failed domains. Check all configurations and ask your vendor if you like.


System status message or help response.

It contains additional information about the server.


Reply to the HELP command.

It contains information about your specific server and usually points to an FAQ page.


The server is ready.

This is just good news. Read on and be happy that everything works (for now)!


The server is closing its transmission channel. He can withObtain secondary messages such as “goodbye” or “close the connection.”

The mailing session will end, which simply means that all messages have been processed.


A typical secondary message is “The requested e-mail action was successfully completed.” This means that the server has sent a message.

The opposite of the error: everything worked and your email was delivered.


Transfer Non-Local User: The recipient’s account is not on the current server, so it will be redirected to another.

This is a normal broadcast operation. For more information see our article on SMTP Server.


The server cannot verify the user, but is still trying to deliver the message.

The recipient’s email account is valid, but cannot be verified. Usually the server forwards the message to someone else who can view it.


A secondary message can be obvious ь encrypted (“Initial mail record . “). This is a typical response to a DATA command.

The server has received the “From” and “To” email data and is ready to receive the message.


“Problem with connection timeout”: Problems were encountered while sending messages.

This error message is generated only by GroupWise servers. Either your email is blocked by the recipient’s firewall or there is a hardware problem. Contact your supplier.


The service has stopped due to a connection problem: This could be a concurrent connection exceeded or a more general temporary problem.

The server (yours or the recipient) is currently unavailable, so it will try to send again later.


The recipient’s mailbox has exceeded its storage limit.

It is better to contact the user through another channel to notify him and ask him to free up space in his mailbox.


LackThere is not enough hard disk space or there is not enough memory due to file overload.

This error may be due to too many messages being sent to a specific domain. You should try again sending smaller email packets instead of large mailings.


Typical secondary message: “The recipient’s Exchange server queue for incoming mail has stopped.”

This is the Microsoft Exchange SMTP error code. You should contact the company for more information. This usually happens due to connectivity issues.


The recipient server is not responding.

There is a problem with the user’s incoming mail server: your server will try to contact him again.


The connection was interrupted during transmission.

Typical network connectivity issue, possibly caused by your router: check now.


Maximum number of hops for message exceeded: an internal loop has occurred.

Ask for youcheck with your SMTP provider what happened.


Outgoing message timed out due to problems with the incoming mail server.

This usually happens when you exceed the maximum number of message recipients on your server. Try again to split the list into different parts.


Routing error.

Like error 432, this error only applies to Microsoft Exchange. Use WinRoute.


“Requested action not taken – user’s mailbox unavailable.” The mailbox was damaged or hosted on an offline server, or your email was not accepted due to IP or blacklist issues.

The server tries to resend the message after a while. In any case, make sure to use a reliable IP address.


“The requested action aborted – local error during processing.” There was a connection problem on your ISP’s server or on the server that received the first relay from you.

ObaThis is usually a temporary error due to message overload, but it may also be rejected due to a remote spam filter. If this happens again, ask your SMTP provider to investigate the situation. (If you’re sending a large bulk email with a free email, this can be a common problem.)


Too many emails sent or too many recipients: The storage limit on the server is usually exceeded.

Again, message overload is typical. The next attempt is usually successful: if you have problems with your server, you will see a secondary message such as “Not enough memory”.


An error on your mail server, often due to a problem with your local spam filter.

Contact your SMTP service provider to resolve the situation.


Syntax error: The server cannot recognize the command.

This could be due to poor communication between the server and your firewall or antivirus software. AttentionRead the instructions for the solution carefully.


Another syntax error is not in the command itself, but in its parameters or arguments.

In most cases, this is due to an invalid email address, but also due to connectivity issues (and again an issue with antivirus settings).


Command not implemented.

The command is not yet activated on your own server. Contact your supplier for more information.


The server encountered an invalid command sequence or requires authentication.

In a “wrong order”, the server would retrieve its orders out of order, usually due to a lost connection. If authentication is required, you must enter your username and password.


Command parameter not implemented.

Like 501 error, this is a syntax issue. You should ask your supplier.


Invalid email address.

One of the addresses in yourThere is no TO, CC or BBC line. Check the recipient’s accounts and correct spelling errors.


DNS error: The host server of the recipient domain name could not be found.

Double check all your recipients’ email addresses: there is probably an error in the domain name (e.g. [email protected] i



How do you fix SMTP connect () failed?

There are many common cases of SMTP connection failure in PHPMailer, and the lack of SSL often contributes to this. It may happen that the Open SSL extension is not included in your PHP. ini, which creates connection problems. After you have enabled extension = php_openssl. September 27, 2019

What is a 421 error?

The 421 SMTP error is commonly used for a temporary problem on the mail server or for a problem with the recipient’s email account. Some email providers may also return 421 after reaching the limit (cap) for your email account (see SMTP Error 451 below).