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Fix Error 5123 Sql 2008 Easy To Fix



Recently, some of our readers have encountered error code 5123 sql 2008. This issue occurs for several reasons. We’ll look at them now.



SQL Server 5123 error occurs when users try to mount a database that has been hosted in different locations. This error is a type of authorization error that occurs in SQL Server. As we all know, the .mdf file is the primary database file and the .ldf file is the log file associated with the primary database file. Whether or not the main data file is attached via SQL Server Management Studio is sometimes very difficult to open. However, this error can occur when there are multiple connections to connect or disconnect the database. Therefore, in the next section, we will discuss the Manul procedure for absolute and reliable resolution of Microsoft SQL Server error 5123.

Why Is This Happening?

Each time the database is taken offline, the database file permissions change. When a SQL connection disconnects a database, permissions are granted to the SQL Server service account. If the Windows account has disabled the database, permission will be granted to the account that disabled.

To explain the real reasonWell, I decided to reproduce the error. I created a database called DetachTest. Â The SQL Service Account is set to CONTOSO SQLService. Now I logged into the server via SSMS with the login CONTOSO syadmin.

error 5123 sql 2008

Then I dismounted the database and here are the permissions. You can view them by going to File> Properties and Security tab.

SQL SERVER - FIX: message 5123, level 16 - CREATE FILE encountered operating system error 5 attach-err-02

I am now logged in as “account” which is the SQL login. As explained earlier, SQL Server tries to use the service account to read the file. As you might expect, the file cannot be read by any account other than CONTOSO sysadmin.


Step 1: On the Security tab of the Properties dialog box, with PROPERTY selected under Group or Usernames, the permissions specified for Allow and Deny were blank.

Step 2. Click “Advanced”. In this submission, all permissions have been checked for OWNERSHIP.

Step 3. Click Modify and make sure that all Allow check boxes are checked. “.



How do I fix SQL error 3417?

How to fix SQL Error 3417
  1. Go to “C: Microsoft SQLServerMSSQL.1MSSqLData Programs”
  2. Security / authorization settings.
  3. Network service account.
  4. Add the network service account.
  5. Then check them all.

How do I fix SQL connection error?

Check your server settings
  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Expand SQL Server Networking and select Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
  3. Take a look at TCP / IP which needs to be enabled.
  4. You can also view your server’s port settings.
  5. In the TCP / IP Properties dialog box, click the IP Address tab.

How do I clear the SQL Server error log?