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Best Way To Fix Errors Caused By / Vmfs / Volume / Datastore-uuid / Filename



Over the past few days, some users have reported an error in the / vmfs / volume / datastore-uuid / filename.



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According to VMware:

This issue occurs when VMware ESX or ESXi tries to create a new log file vDiskname-delta.vmdk, but the generated filename already exists. This can happen if the redolog -delta.vmdk file does not receive the descriptor file.

error caused by file /vmfs/volumes/ datastore-uuid / filename

Each virtual disk consists of two files: a “flat” or “delta” file with actual data and a descriptor file with geometry and topology information. For example, vDiskname.vmdk and vDiskname-flat.vmdk or vDiskname-delta.vmdk. For more information, see Understanding Virtual Machine Snapshots in VMware ESX (1015180).

When taking a snapshot, the host uses the lowest file number that is not used by the snapshot chain and does not exist in the directory. The host calculates this by checking the descriptor files.


Additional information

This article explains how to rename a virtual machine and its files.

These steps can be helpful if you are renaming a virtual machine, but its files retain their original names. You can renameThe virtual machine disk files to avoid confusion.

The content of the displayName configuration parameter is updated when the virtual machine is renamed. However, the main files are not renamed.