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The Error Disk Has A Bad Block



Recently, some users faced the error when the hard drive has a bad block. This problem can arise for several reasons. Let’s look at them now.

A bad block is an area of ​​the storage medium that is no longer reliable for storing and recovering data as it has been physically damaged or damaged. Bad blocks are also called bad sectors. There are two types of bad blocks: a physical bad block or a hard bad block that results from media corruption.



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This error indicates that a “bad block” was found on your hard drive, one of the first partitions. To fix this error (Windows should mark this block as bad and stop using it), you need to check the hard drive on your disk. Right click From the Windows Start menu, select Command Prompt (Admin). On the command line inenter the following command and pressEnter the following:

chkdsk / r

A message will appear stating that the hard drive is currently in use and chkdsk cannot be started at this time. However, you will be asked if you want to schedule this operation on the next reboot.y and press Enter. Then restart your computer and let the chkdsk process start.

ATTENTION! Do not turn off your computer during the chkdsk process, as this can damage your hard drive and render the Windows installation unusable (and even result in data loss). This process can take several hours depending on the process. Your hard drive and the specifications of your system.

Please let me know how it went and / or if you need further instructions.


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