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How To Fix Error Opening PowerPoint Presentation?



You may run into the error that there was an error opening your PowerPoint presentation. Well, there are several steps you can take to fix this problem. So we’ll get back to that in a minute.

If you viewed this article because you received an error message that says PowerPoint cannot read the file or your presentation cannot be opened, Office probably locked the file for security reasons. You can unlock the file so that you can open it: in Explorer, right-click the file and choose Open.



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PowerPoint for Microsoft 365PowerPoint 2019PowerPoint 2016PowerPoint 2013PowerPoint 2010PowerPoint 2007 More … Less

Part 1. What Does “PowerPoint Won’t Open” Mean?

If you are trying to open a PowerPoint presentation and you get an error that says PowerPoint won’t open, it means the file is corrupted or has ppt issues and you are prompted to fix it.

First, we have detailed information about the errors that can occur when trying to open a corrupted MS PowerPoint. All of these errors are related to an error message that says the PowerPoint file is not fromcovered. While each is different and even displays differently in the version of MS PowerPoint you are using, the error message simply says that you cannot open the PowerPoint file.

Each error is now associated with a specific cause, which is critical to identifying and fixing the root cause.

Here are some examples of error codes:

Corrupted error files due to plugins or add-ons

error opening powerpoint presentation

If you find the PPT error alert won’t open, it could be plugins related. For example, if your PPT is using the Flash Player plug-in and it is updating, the visible symptom of this problem is this error message.

Attempting to fix this may not have much effect.

PPT may even freeze completely if you try to repair or manually edit the file to get rid of the corruption.

Conversion failed

MoreOne error message appears when you try to view or publish a corrupted file, or even a file that is having issues with a plugin like the one above.


Invalid PPT file due to missing content

Some elements of the file may be damaged, which can lead to file corruption.

PPT error may crash

This is a fairly common PPT failure due to system issues. In this case, you can also specify a reason why PowerPoint won’t open.

Fix-1 Create A New Ppt File In The Problem Area

If you are trying to access a file from a potentially unsafe location, create a new ppt file there and try to access the problematic file.

1. Open PowerPoint on your computer.

2. Just click “File” and then “New”.

3. Then pressRead Blank Presentation.

4. Again, you need to click “File”.

6. Just click “Save As” to open “Save Location”.

7. On the right side of the screen, click the location of the problematic ppt file.

(for example, the OneDrive Personal folder.)

8. Now choose any name for this presentation.

9. Click “Save” to save the file to your computer.

Now close the PowerPoint window.

Then navigate to where the problem file is. Try to access it. Your problem will be resolved.

Fix-2 Unlock Ppt File

1. First you need to access the ppt file.

2. You need to right click the ppt file. Then click on Properties.

3. In the properties window, go to the “General” tab.

4. On the General tab, check the box next to Unblock to unblock the ppt file.

5. When finished, click “Apply”and then click OK to save the settings for that specific file.

Now try opening the file again on your computer. This time it should open without any problems.

Fix-3 Disable Protected View Settings In PowerPoint

Disabling Protected View settings in PowerPoint may fix the issue.

1. Click the search box and type “PowerPoint”.

2. Now click “PowerPoint” to open it on your computer.

4. In the PowerPoint window, click “File” on the menu bar.

5. Then scroll down the menu and tap Options.

6. In the Options window on the left, click Trust Center to change its options.

7. Right click “Tr



How do you unlock a PowerPoint presentation?

Unlock Read-Only Presentation

Next to the yellow banner, there is a button that says “Change forever.” Click this button to unlock PowerPoint. The yellow bar should disappear with the read-only text that appears after the title of the presentation. Your PowerPoint can now be edited.

How do I open an old PowerPoint file?

Convert your presentation to a newer version of PowerPoint
  1. In PowerPoint, open the presentation that you want to convert to the latest PowerPoint format.
  2. Click File> Info.
  3. Next to the Compatibility Mode box, click Convert, and then click Save in the Save As dialog box.