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Troubleshoot Sending Remote Parcel Server With Ease



This guide is intended to help you if you receive an error message regarding sending a packet to a remote server.



error sending packet remote server

I was happy to implement Smack on Android via a local Openfire server where it connects to the Gmail server host and works like a charm. You can find the guide here

However, when you try to connect two users to the local Openfire server installed via Android emulators, an error message is displayed (see below).

  03-23 ​​16: 24: 01.392: DEBUG / SMACK (233): 04:24:01 SENT (1155246128):   hello  03-23 ​​16: 24: 07.032: DEBUG / SMACK (233): 04:24:07 AM RCV (1155246128):     03-23 ​​16: 24: 07.062: INFO / System.out (233): Received message: null 

Here are some descriptions of my system level:

  • I am trying to log in two users with different names, email addresses and passwords through two emulators on Android.
  • Both users display “Presence – Available” in the Openfire toolbar after logging in. Presence Presence = new presence (Presence.Type.available);
  • Judging from the above error code, the message id is the same and I think there is no problem with that. (Correct me if I’m wrong)
  • I am using the Packet Listener as shown in the tutorial above.
  • I have also tried using the chat manager to listen to the message with this codebut useless, it returned “zero”

    Can anyone help me with this, please? If it can work with Google Talk, why not on a local server? Or is it because of using an emulator?

    UPDATE 1:

    To find out what the problem is! I downloaded the Spark client and ran some tests. I found that I can send packets / messages from Spark to the Android client, but not from Android to Spark, which gives me a 404 error! Can anyone help me with any advice?

    requested 23 Mar ’12 at 11:48 am

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