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How Do I Fix Certificate Display Errors?



This blog post describes some of the possible causes that can lead to a certificate display error. Next, I will describe several possible ways to try to solve this problem.

In Windows Internet Explorer, click Next to This Website (not recommended). A red address bar and a certificate warning will appear. Click the Certificate Error button to open the information window. Click View Certificates, and then click Install Certificate.



Windows 10 Internet Explorer Windows 8.1 Windows 7 More … Less

Windows 10 Internet Explorer Windows 8.1 Windows 7 More … Less

New browser recommended by Microsoft is here

With the new Microsoft Edge, you get speed, security and data protection.

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Error message

What does this mean

The security certificate of this website has been revoked

error view certificate

You shouldn’t trust this site. This often means that the security certificate was obtained from the website orand that it was used fraudulently.

The address of this website does not match the address specified in the security certificate.

The website uses a certificate issued to a different web address. This can happen when a company has multiple websites and uses the same certificate for multiple websites.

The security certificate for this website is out of date

The current date before or after the certificate expiration date. Websites need to renew their certificates with a CA to stay up to date. Outdated certificates can pose a security risk.

The security certificate for this website is not from a trusted source

The certificate was issued by a CA that is not recognized by Internet Explorer. Often phishing sitesare using fake certificates which is causing this error.

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with the security certificate for this website.

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with a certificate that does not match any other error. This could be because the certificate is corrupted, tampered with, in an unknown format, or unreadable. You must not trust the site’s identity when the certificate shows this error.

The website certificate is used to identify the web server. If there is an error in the certificate, it could indicate that your connection was intercepted or that the web server is tampering with its identity. When you are absolutely sure of the identity of the website, you know that your connection has not been compromised, and you understand the risks, you can go to the site. However, we recommend that you do not ignore the certificate warning.

Yes. Although not recommended, you can choose to Continue at this See the website (not recommended) on the certificate error warning page to access the website. If you ignore the warning page and go to a site that displays an error certificate, Internet Explorer remembers the certificate while your browser is open. You can return to the site without receiving another warning for this certificate until you restart Internet Explorer.

No, you cannot turn off certificate checking in Internet Explorer. If you are getting certificate errors, it means that the website you are visiting has certificate issues, not Internet Explorer.

What Is An SSL Certificate Error?

SSL certificate error occurs when the web browser cannot verify the SSL certificate installed on the site. Instead of logging in, your browser will display an error message warning you that the site may be insecure.

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