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Troubleshooting Tips For Windows 2003 Server Event ID 1004






Terminal Server is unable to issue a CAL.

I am having this issue on a W2K server running Citrix Metaframe XP. Clients failed to connect. Using TS Manager on the server, I disabled the inactive sessions, which fixed the problem. Note: I had no TS / Citrix license limitation, there were no other errors and all services were working fine.

In my case it is a permissions issue on a Windows XP client computer. I logged in with a privileged account to set up a license, then I logged in with a user account without any problems.

My client was still using Windows 98 and I had to remove RDP CALs as per MS article


. I removed the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft MSLicensing key and the problem was resolved.

This event is logged when a thin client device attempts to license Terminal Services from a Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based Terminal Server. See


for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 patch

This issue can occur if the Windows 2000 registry keys on the client The terminal server entries have been changed from the default privilege level. See


to fix this issue.

Windows 2000 TS Licensing Service must be on the PDC emulator. In my case, the PDC emulator which is a Windows 2003 server had errors related to the time service. In particular, EventID 47 was displayed in the event log. I manually resynchronized the time on this domain controller by typing the following command at the command prompt: “w32tm / resync / rediscover”. After that, the TS immediately started issuing licenses.

Although this issue occurred on a small network with only two W2K servers (TS server and TS license server), the capture hijacker explicitly specified which license server to use (although only one is available) in


solved my problem.

This is what happened to us when the remote registry services were set to manual mode. Starting the service solved the problem.

If your Windows 2003 Watchtower Society is installed on a Windows 2000 domain, you need to install the Terminal Server License Manager on the Windows 2003 server.

These error messages can be caused by an overly tight local pSecurity policy on a Windows 2000 server configured as a Terminal Server License Server. Local policy in question – Security Options | Additional restrictions on anonymous login. When configuring this policy, 3 possible values ​​are set in the registry:
0 – no. Rely on standard resolutions
1. Prevent listing of SAM accounts and shares
2 – No access without explicit anonymous permissions
Example: Suppose you have 2 Terminal Servers, TSLicense and TSApp. TSLicense is the server that runs Terminal Server licensing, and TSApps is the typical Terminal Server that users connect to for applications or desktops. TSApps is configured to point to TSLicense as the DefaultLicenseServer. TSLicense is configured using TS Win2K CALs valid for output to Win95 / 98 / NT 4.0 / CE / Embedded NT workstations.
If you set this policy to 2 (on Server-TSLicense) and the client (without a valid Win2K-TS-CAL) tries to connect to TSApps, the syslog in TSApps reports Event ID: 1004 “Terminal Server cannots – 100% success in admin mode, still errors in application mode.
The following rejected connection was logged in the syslog:
– Event with code 1004 – Terminal server cannot issue client and / or license
– Event ID 1003 – The Terminal Services client provided an invalid license.

I also saw event ID 1010 with source: TermService: “Terminal Services could not find the license server. Make sure all license servers on the network are registered in WINS DNS and are accepting requests from the network, and that Terminal Services Licensing is running.
Regardless, my DefaultLicenseServer registry value was installed on the license server, so there was no point in seeing this message.
Then I discovered event ID 8021 with source: BROWSER: “The browser was unable to get the list of servers from the master browser \ SERVER07 on the network Device NetBT_Tcpip_ {3369AE70-AC54-4090-971B-761E95B603FF}. Data is an error code.
For this reason, I disabled the “Computer Browser” service on SERVER07 and used the search tool to force some major browsers to select the new primaryth browser. Once the new main browser was selected, everything worked fine. The conclusion is that SERVER07 either advertised a corrupted (100% unsecured) or possibly incomplete list of browsers that prevented TS from finding the license server.

If you follow


You also need to add a registry key on the TS License Server.

If you have a WinXP client that cannot connect to the Win2k TS server, go to





This issue can occur if the MSLicensing registry key on the client computer is damaged. To resolve this issue, create a backup and delete the MSLicensing registry key. See



According to Microsoft: “[These] error messages can appear if the Citrix MetaFrame server runs out of associated licenses. These licenses could be used by other connections on other servers. To solve this problem, change the number of licenses. swimming pools ”(see the link below for instructions).


indicates that this problem occurs when all of the following conditions are true:

– The client is the clientm ICA.

– The client is using Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

– The client is on a network with Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 SP2 or earlier installed.

– The client connects to the terminal server, disconnects, logs out, and then tries to reconnect to the terminal server.

This is a known issue with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 SP1 for Windows 2000 and should be addressed with the latest MetaFrame 1.8 Service Pack for Windows 2000.

According to


This issue occurs because the Citrix ICA client is not working. The Citrix ICA customer is responsible for obtaining a license through the Terminal Services Licensing Service when using a Citrix product. If the ICA client is not running, Windows 2000 generates an event 1004 message on the terminal server. The event message indicates that the client did not receive a license. To resolve this issue, contact Citrix for more troubleshooting information.

Also according to


, this message may be caused by networking issues and not a real face issue
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