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Solved: Suggestions To Fix Express Error Code 0x800ccc78



If you have error code 0x800ccc78 on your computer, we hope this user guide can help you. It looks like you are trying to send via an SMTP server that you are not connected to (i.e. you seem to be receiving via Wanadoo and sending via Orangehome). Ask your email provider for the correct port and server settings, then set them to Tools | account | Mail | Specifications.




When this strange thing happens, I restart my computer, which sometimes fixes the problem. Try this first. If the problem persists, check if your email account is configured correctly …

Click “Tools” then “Accounts”

Select your email account and click the properties button

Make sure everything is displayed correctly on this general screen, especially your email address

Click the Server tab and make sure everything is in order, especially outgoing SMTP mail. Each server is individual, so it is difficult to say exactly what it should be. Otherwise, you can find documentation on setting up email accounts on your server website. You can also find the troubleshooting section there. Hope this helps!

Oh … I also did a little research and found the following in the Microsoft knowledge base. While it wasn’t really told how to fix your problem, I figured I’d pass it on.

Website address: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;208814


Unknown sender. This is caused by

with invalid email

field “Answer”.

Outlook Error 0x800ccc78 – Two Different Reasons And Solutions

Cause 1: Your ISP or ISP is setting port values ​​for synchronizing networks in the domain that can be used to send or receive data. Likewise, we used specific port numbers for forwarding email from Outlook, and the default 25 ports turned out to be the best port number to use. However, it is wrong if the provider blocks this port number and changes it from one domain to another. Outlook error 0x800CCC78 occurs when 25 port numbers are blocked by the ISP and instead 587 is enabled.

How To Find And Fix Error 0X800CCC78

In general, an Outlook error should be fixed quickly as it can cause various problems. If you notice this error message, you will receive a notification that the outgoing mail server was entered incorrectly.

This is actually much easier to fix than you might think. Here are some simple and simplemanual ways to fix error 0X800CCC78

Method 1

Method 2

express error code 0x800ccc78

If the first method didn’t work for you, you can also fix MS Outlook error 0X800ccc78 by following these steps:

Here are some easy and free ways to fix Microsoft Outlook error 0X800ccc78.

However, if that doesn’t work, the only way to fix or fix these types of errors is by using a good Outlook recovery tool.
One of the programs that I have used and can recommend to you is Outlook PST Repair Tool from SysInfoTools.

I have used this application extensively for several of my clients and readers to find and fix various errors in Outlook. And to my surprise, this software has always been good at helping to fix such errors.
If the steps above do not work, we recommend that you try this tool once.

I hope you now know how to easily fix this error.



How do I fix an Outlook message error?

How do I verify outlook properties?

How to check settings in Outlook 2016?

  1. Start Outlook 2016. If Outlook 2016 is not already running, start it now.
  2. Select an account. On the ribbon, click the File tab:
  3. Check basic account settings.
  4. Check the Outgoing Mail Server settings.
  5. Check the Advanced settings.
  6. Check your settings.
  7. Complete the wizard.

Can not send the message verify the email address in your account properties?

Click Tools> Account Settings> select an email account and click Change. Try to check if it is disabled and disable if it is enabled.