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Easy Way To Fix Facebook Application Error 2001



Here are some simple techniques you can use to fix the 2001 Facebook application error.



Audience Network Ads Integration Checklist

  1. Install the Facebook app on your test device and sign in.
  2. Add people to your Business Manager account to test your ads to your audience.
  3. Be sure to initialize your ad instance with the location ID generated by your sales person. See Step “Getting Started”.
  4. Make sure your app has requested Audience Network production ads. Use audience network error codes for diagnostics.
  5. Make sure your ads are fully visible and understandable to your app’s users.
  6. Test the user experience of integrating your ads with test ads. Make sure to remove the test ad code snippet before launching the App Store. Otherwise, your production app will only serve test ads.

What Is Causing The HTTP 429 Too Many Requests Error?

Error response with HTTP status code 429 indicates There were too many requests sent in a certain period of time. The body of the response should contain an explanation of the problem, and may also indicate the minimum required interval between requests. The ngrok tool is a possible cause of this error. If you have a free plan and are within the limits of ngrok, visit the Pricing and Limits page for additional options .

# 17 – Problem With Request Method

facebook application error 2001

Due to server configuration or security settings, the request method by which the plugin receives your content may be permanently or occasionally denied. In this case, the plugin usually uses an alternate method, but in rare cases it is not. You can try manually changing the request method used in the plugin to see if that solves the problem. To do this, use the setting at the following location: Facebook Feed> Customize> Miscellaneous> Miscellaneous Settings> Request Method. After changing the method, you may need to click on “Save Changes and Clear Cache” on the plugin main page (where you set your Facebook ID), which will clear the plugin cache.