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Troubleshooting Tips Status Error 5.7.1 SMTP Diagnostic Code 554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied



If you find the status is 5.7.1 SMTP Diagnostic Code 554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied, the following user manual will help you.

  • STEP 1. Before you start, print the instructions.
  • STEP 2. Use Rkill to kill suspicious programs.
  • STEP 3. Use Malwarebytes AntiMalware to find malware and unwanted programs.
  • STEP 4. Use HitmanPro to scan your computer for malware.



Denying relay access is a common email error. This means that the server will not allow sending emails to another mail server. The most common causes of this error:

  • The sender was not authenticated with the outgoing mail server.
  • The receiving server has determined that the sending server is the origin of spam or that the security check has failed.

What exactly is the error when access to the relay was denied?

When you send an email, your email client sends it to your own email server. Â Your mail server then sends it (relays) to the recipient’s mail server. Then your mail server delivers it to the recipient.

If you have not successfully authenticated with your own outgoing mail server before sending the email, your server will refuse to forward it to the receiving server. Â This is to prevent spammers from sending email through your server without the correct credentials.

With correct authentication this error can still occur. The receiving server may refuse to forward e-mail if its spam filters have detected that the e-mail is spam or comes from a spam source (for example, your server is blacklisted). In this scenario, the server rejects the email and you get another error indicating that relay access is denied.

What if you get this error as a user?

First, check your email settings with your email service provider. Make sure you have the correct mail server, username and password. Also check if you need to use SMTP authentication or if you need to use POP before SMTP.

Using POP before SMTP can occasionally cause problems with mobile devices. This happens when your data network changes due to poor coverage or when you switch from one Wi-Fi hotspot to another. What’s happening? If your IP address may change, now send an email from the new IP address instead of the IP address you are fromwere initially authenticated. To prevent this from happening, you can try switching to SMTP authentication to make sure your postal provider has enabled it, if that fails you may need to contact your email provider and ask them for SMTP – enable authentication on the mail server.

Finally, spam filters can be used on the recipient server. In this case, your email provider should search the mail server log files for more information on how to avoid this.

What if you have a mail server?

There are two reasons why a server owner might be confronted with this.

  • An end user tried to send an email and this error keeps recurring.
  • Someone tried to write an error message to someone on your server and reported it to you.

You should see something like this in your log files.

10/10/2016 14:05:23 1btaGg-0004ei-Mf ** [email protected] R = dkim_lookuphost T = dkim_remote_smtp H = someserver.com [] X = TLSv1.2: ECDHE-RSA -AES256 -GCM-SHA384: 256 CV = yes: SMTP error from deletedmail server to RCPT To: : 554 5.7.1 : recipient address denied: access denied

User authentication system may be faulty

If ALL end users receive this error, it is most likely. You need to check the server authentication settings.
For example, if you had a Postfix server, make sure SMTP authentication is enabled. To do this, check the config file and make sure “smtpd_recipient_restrictions” is set as follows:

  •  smtpd_recipient_restrictions = allow_sasl_authenticated 

Sometimes, when the server software is updated, the configuration may change. So if your server is running fine from the start, it will suddenly shut down and the software has probably been updated recently. For example, cPanel automatically receives updates every night. There have been times when you ran into problems while deploying an update and either a new update was released or you had to manually change some settings.

If you are updating manually, consider onbuilding a test server where you can test your updates first. If everything looks good on your test server, you can deploy it in your real environment.

Authentication database may be corrupted

On servers like Odin Plesk, they store the username, password and authenticated IP address in a database. Like any database, this database can get corrupted for a number of reasons. You can restore the table with a simple row command.

  • mysqlcheck -r psa smtp_poplocks -uadmin -p

This will check the table named smtp_poplocks and fix it if broken.

Third party emails sent to your server are not checked for spam on your server.

If you receive messages that someone is trying to send an email to one of your end users, but the person who sent the email is being rejected by the spam filters on your server, you can see these entries in your email log.

 10/10/2016 14:05:23 H = (myserver.com) [xx.xx.xx.xx] Sender verification failed for : reply n   "RCPT To: " from senderserver.com [yy.yy.yy.yy] was: 554 : Relay access denied2016-10-10 14:05:23 H = (myserver.com) [xx.xx.xx.xx] F =  RCPT rejected : sender failed verification < / before>

This error indicates that myserver.com rejected an email from senderserver.com due to an anti-spam rule called Sender Verify (Sender Verification Callout)

To fix this, here are 3 possible solutions

  1. If this happens frequently with legitimate email messages, and it is related to the same anti-spam rule, you should disable that particular rule.
  2. If the server sending the email is trusted, you can whitelist its server on your server. Be careful though, as this will route all emails from their server without being spam checked, the server will never be hacked and used to send spam to your server. All this spam will pass.
  3. Contact the sending server and ask it to reconfigure its server to respond to your spam checks.

CheckSpam should be enabled on every server. However, if you are too aggressive, your customers may miss important emails. For this reason, you should stick to RFC spam checking as most service providers are set to.

Your users are getting feedback on the recipient server's anti-spam rules

If your end users receive an email with an error message similar to the following:

  • 454 4.7.1: Access to the repeater is denied.

Your server may violate the recipient server's spam rules or firewall blacklists.

If yes, check the headers of the bounce email. It should contain your details of why it was rejected. This is usually caused by your server hitting RBL (Live Black Hole List). There are several websites where you can compare your server against many blacklists such as: B. http://mxtoolbox.com and http: //multirbl.valli.org. These lists contain information about blacklists. You can participate in it and often provide links to thisand RBLS to request de-listing. However, before attempting to remove a server, make sure that the cause of the blacklist has been fixed. IE: If there is a spammer on your server, it has been removed.

The end user's mail client is not configured correctly.

It is likely that 80% of support calls and calls related to messaging problems in general, not just transfer denied errors, are caused by incorrect client settings. After making sure your server is working correctly, you should check the settings with your client to make sure everything is configured correctly to work with your server.

Causes Of SMTP Error 554 5.7.1

Your IP address is now not blacklisted just for fun (although in some cases it could have happened by accident). Let's talk about the main reasons for getting into the IP blacklist.

  • You sent an email (or, most likely, a large number of emails to a large list of recipients) and the content of the email indicated that it was spam. When you send out bulk emails and do whatSomething called "email marketing" and "email newsletter", you get even more vulgar
    failed status 5.7.1 diagnostic-code smtp 554 5.7.1 relay access denied



    How do I fix SMTP Error 554?

    How to fix SMTP Error 554
    1. Check your server's IP address for a possible blacklist.
    2. If you are not blacklisted, request that your IP address be whitelisted by the receiving server.

    What does error code 554 mean?

    SMTP Errors 554 - General Definition

    Error code 554 means that the receiving server sees something in the message headers from or to that it doesn't like. This could be because the spam filter identifies your computer as a relay or as a computer that is not authorized to send email from your domain.

    What does relaying denied mean?

    Forward Denied means that the mail server you are talking to does not process emails from the domain you are sending to.