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I Have An Error Problem When Loading The Operating System



In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the possible causes that could lead to an error loading the operating system, and then suggest possible fixes that you can try to resolve.

  1. Insert the Windows Vista installation CD.
  2. Restart your computer and boot from the installation CD.
  3. Press any key when “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” appears on the screen.
  4. After selecting your language, time and keyboard method, click Repair your computer.



Don’t worry if you run into the “Operating system cannot boot” issue when you try to start your computer. Here are the methods to solve the problem. Also download Stellar Data Recovery software to recover data lost due to problem.

Error message: “Operating system boot error” with black screen is an annoying problem that users often encounter when trying to start their Windows PC. Boot problem usually occurs after reinstalling the Windows operating system, sudden power failure, system crash, or system reboot, causing the PC to display an error message.

Why Do People Face Such A Computer Error While Loading The Operating System?

As mentioned above, these computer operating system boot errors occur when the computer’s operating system does not boot properly as usual. What element on Earth interferes with the normal operation of your computer’s operating system? No idea? WELL! Never panic! Here are the possible reasonsThe following are the reasons for these errors on your computer:

1). Computer hard disk error
Regardless of which version of Windows operating system you are using on your computer, these boot problems can often be caused by computer hard drive errors. Why? Often times, when users try to start the computer they want to start, the computer must read the operating system information stored on the hard drive of the connected computer, and ultimately set up the computer without any problems. However, when the hard disk is damaged in any way or partitions containing a lot of important operating system data are full of bad sectors or physically damaged, often the computer cannot recognize the desired information from the operating system, and the computer’s operating system boots unsuccessfully.

2). The MBR information of the hard disk of the computer is incorrect.
The loading of a popular computer operating system during the boot process can also be affected or stopped by incorrect information There is an MBR on the hard disk, which can often lead to the fact that the PC finds and reads the necessary data from the real partitions of the hard disk in seconds. However, when the MBR information of the hard drive becomes incorrect, it also increases the likelihood that the computer’s operating system will not boot properly.

3). The operating system of the computer is defective.
Except for some hard drive issues that can negatively affect the overall load of your PC’s operating system, issues coming from the PC’s operating system such as corrupted startup files or system configuration files. working with a computer can also cause computer boot errors.

4). Install PC hard drives incorrectly when using multiple hard drives in one computer.
Have you separated master drives from other slave drives when connecting two or more hard drives to one computer? It is always necessary to mark the main hard drive (which is used to store important operating systems, applications, etc.) and other additionalAdditional drives so that the computer can automatically recognize the operating system disc and load the computer’s operating system.

5). The computer hard drive is not partitioned.
A badly partitioned hard drive also affects the load on a PC’s operating system during daily use.

Solution 1. Use Bootrec.exe And Windows Bootable CD / DVD.

For this method, you need a Windows installation disc. Take care of this in advance.

Now start the computer from the Windows installation disc and follow these steps: Press any key when prompted on the computer -> Click the “Repair your computer” button -> Troubleshoot -> Command Prompt. In a new Command Prompt window, enter the following commands:

  • bootrec / FixMbr. Press the Enter key.
  • bootrec / FixBoot. Press the Enter key.
  • bootrec / ScanOs. Click on the Enter key.
  • bootrec / RebuildBcd. Hit Enter.

Wait for the process to complete and restart your computer without the installation disc.

Didn’t you help? Go to solution 2.

Solution 2. Removee., Rebuild And Reinstall

fix error loading operating system

To resolve the error while loading the operating system, you can: delete all partitions, then re-create the partitions and reinstall Windows.

This method of fixing Windows 10, 8 or 7 operating system boot error is sufficient and you should definitely try it.

If you haven’t decided yet, you can refer to the next paragraph.

Solution 3: Update BIOS

Your BIOS may be outdated and requires an update. Try this by downloading and installing updates from the manufacturer’s official website.

If you don’t know who the manufacturer is when starting the system, you need to press the pause key. Look for the messages on the manufacturer’s name and keep booting the system.



How do I fix error 0x00000e9 in Windows 10?

Solution 2. Restart your computer in safe mode
  1. Enter WinRE. After pressing the power button for 10 seconds, turn off the computer.
  2. Click Startup Options. You can access startup options by selecting Troubleshoot and then clicking Advanced and startup options.
  3. Start Windows in Safe Mode with network drivers loaded.

How do you load an operating system?

If you have the correct version of Windows, grab the installation DVD (or USB stick if you have one) and insert it. Start your computer and Windows Setup should start automatically. If you ever get the “Press any key to boot from CD” option, you will need to press a key on your keyboard to continue.

How do I fix windows 7 errors?

Open Windows Explorer and right click on the drive you want to check. Click “Properties” at the bottom. Click the Tools tab. In the “Error Checking” section, a “Check” button will appear. In Windows 7, this is the Check Now button.