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Hewlett Packard Service Error 49.4 C02? Fix It Right Now





That is, the error is displayed without a network cable connected? This is one of the few reasons: the built-in LAN connection is dropped. The memory module (if any) is defective. Or the whole trainer is faulty.

You can try turning it off and resetting NVRAM (Google only) to see if that helps. If the device was accidentally involved in programming, this will be corrected.

Then follow the same steps as for “cold start”, except “disable Onbard Lan”. See what it does.

If it has an additional memory chip, remove it and restart.

If you get this error no matter what you do, the trainer may be destroyed. Buy it on eBay for about $ 100 if you think you can install it. If you can’t get the job done or can’t find an instructor, the tech company will likely charge you $ 100 for diagnostics, $ 150 for instructor, plus additional examinations and whatever they think is wrong.

If you are replacing the formatter yourself, do a hoboat start at the first start. This is almost what people miss the most.

3015 is pretty much like 3005 with some feature fixes, but still not good for medium to heavy use.

For light use (less than 2000 pages per month the M402DN is a good machine. For more than 2000 pages the HP M506 is a very good replacement.

When you’re done with 3015, you can spend almost as much as you would on a new 402 (it only costs about $ 200). Throw in a couple of visits to a tech company and you can spend up to $ 506.

What Causes Your HP Printer To Display HP Printer Error 49.4c02:

HP Printer Error 49.4 c02 is one of the most serious problems and unfortunately it is also very common. The error problem is temporary, but may have permanent effects on some printing devices. In other words, your system becomes vulnerable to it after the first contact, and a slight negligence can lead to error 49.4c02 on your printer, disrupting the workflow and overall functioning of the devices .

This error usually occurs on HP printers due to communication problems between the printer and the computer. Such problems can now arise for the following reasons:

    • The power cables connecting your computer to the printer are damaged.
    • Outdated firmware
    • Send too many print jobs to the print queue in a short time.
    • Problems with network connection
    • Defective printer hardware.
    • Incorrect printer settings.
    • Power cables are not connected correctly.
  • Problems with a specific print job.

Proper handling of the machine can minimize these errors. Over time, however, problems arise from normal wear and tear and sometimes from external factors. Hiring professional specialists is not always possible. So, in this article, we have provided some easy solutions to help you fix the print error yourself а HP 49.4c02.

Solution 1: Update The Printer Firmware

The printer firmware is the same as Windows on your computer. This is the operating system for the printer. Outdated firmware is the first suspect when this error is detected on an HP printer. For this reason, firmware updates are sometimes released; H. To resolve various errors and errors in a printer similar to the one you are currently experiencing.

Before proceeding, you must return the printer to the ready state. Since this error usually occurs because the PDF file has been sent to print, you must cancel this print job.

hewlett packard service error 49.4 c02

If you are the only one submitting the printout, press the Windows key and enter devices and printers. In the search results, click “Devices and Printers”. Right-click the installed printer and select View What’s Printing.

Right-click anywhere in the open window and select Undo All Documents.

If the printer is on the network and you don’t know who is sending the printer, just disconnect the network a cable from the printer to disconnect it from the mains. Now restart the printer and leave the network cable unplugged.



Why am I getting an error message on my HP printer?

If you are having a problem, most commonly related to printer driver or cable problems when turning the printer off and on, this error message should go away. First, try restarting the printer and reinstalling the toner cartridge if the problem persists. If this fails, there may be a hardware problem.

How do I fix Error 79 on HP printer?

Solution: 79 Power off / on error

Turn on the printer. If the message persists, unplug all network or USB cables, then turn the device off and on again. When the printer is ready again, check the firmware version and update if a newer version is available.

What is a 49 service error on an HP printer?

The service manual for HP printers states that error 49 may be caused by an incorrect command, corrupted data, illegal operation, firmware, formatter, or possibly optional accessories such as an EIO card or memory. … Unplug the network cable and remove the print notification. Turn the printer off and on again and see if the error occurs again.