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How To Fix Windows 7 Ultimate Safe Mode Startup



If you are learning how to run Windows 7 Ultimate error code in Safe Mode, this guide is here to help you. Turn on your computer and press the F8 key several times at once.From the Windows Advanced Options menu, use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode, and then press Enter.



If you want to start Windows 7 in Safe Mode, it means that the problem is with your computer. Safe Mode can help you diagnose problems, and sometimes even fix them. However, before doing this, you must first learn how to start your Windows 7 computer in Safe Mode. This article explains what Safe Mode is, how it works, and how to log in and out of Windows 7:

Why Doesn’t F8 Work In Windows 10?

Safe Mode is a Windows feature inherent in all versions of the operating system that can be used to solve various problems, such as: B. Problems with installing drivers, problems starting Windows, and problems with software, malware or virus.

The F8 boot menu has been removed to reduce system boot times. This is because Windows 10 starts up much faster than previous versions, so you won’t have enough time to press the F8 key and enter Safe Mode on startup. In addition, the key press will not be recognized at startup, which meansPrevents access to the startup options screen where you can select a safe mode option.

Instead, Microsoft released a new menu function for Advanced Boot Options that gives you access to troubleshooting options like Safe Mode and others.

You can still access the Safe Mode feature by pressing the F8 key. However, you need to re-enable them manually by following a few simple steps. There are other ways to enter Safe Mode that are not easy.

Method 1: Advanced Boot Options

If you make full use of the Windows F8 key for Safe Mode, you can easily enter Safe Mode in Windows 7 using Advanced Boot Options.

1. Start your Windows 7 computer and hold down the F8 key until the advanced startup options appear.

2. Use the arrow to highlight Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Network Drivers Loading, or Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

3. Press Enter to enter Windows 7 Safe Mode

Note. While the F8 key is not working, you can use Method 2 to force Windows 7 into Safe Mode from the installation media.

Method 2: System Recovery Options

Prepare: Windows 7 installation media or system recovery CD

Steps to start Safe Mode in Windows 7 from the installation media:

Step 1. Boot Windows 7 from the installation media.

Connect the installation media to your Windows 7 computer and press any key to start the computer when a message appears on a black screen. Then the “Install Windows” window will appear.

Step 2. Run Command Prompt from System Recovery Options.

1. Click “Next” in the “Install Windows” section and select the “Repair your computer” option.

how to boot in safe mode windows 7 ultimate

2. Check the box next to “Use recovery tools that can fix Windows startup problems …” and confirm that Windows 7 is present.

3. Click Next and under System Recovery Options, select the Command Prompt shortcut in Tools restoring.

Step 3. Enter Windows 7 Safe Mode from the command line.

  • Safe mode: bcdedit / set {default} Minimal safeboot
  • Safe Mode with Networking: bcdedit / set {default} Secure Boot Network
  • Safe mode with command line:
    bcdedit / set {default} minimum secure boot
    bcdedit / set {default} safebootalternateshell yes
  • Type the above commands into the Command Prompt window and press Enter. You will then be prompted with the message “Process completed successfully.”

    Close Command Prompt and click the Restart button. From there, Windows 7 will start up and switch to a safe mode loop unless you cancel the command used above.



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    How to Access Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7

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