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Solutions To Run Bat Files On Windows 7



It looks like some of our readers came across a well-known error message when running a bat file on Windows 7. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now. Browse to the location of the batch file or find it by clicking This PC in the left pane and typing the file name in the search bar in the upper right corner. Double click the BAT file. Usually all it takes to run the batch file is to double-click the file.



Windows 7


First steps

A batch file is a list of one or more command line commands in a text file.When a batch file is called or executed, the commands are executed. The best way to get aroundUnderstand that this is correct. There are some sophisticated text editors that can be used in Notepad though.will work.

Steps to create a simple batch file to builda simple kit to add additional functions. You will end up with a batch file containingcan create a list of patches installed on the system and copy the file to a shared folderanother computer.

What Is A Batch File?

You may be familiar with the Windows command line interpreter called CMD or Command Prompt. It accepts various commands as keyboard input and processes them. As Windows users, most of us are not happy with anything that doesn’t look good, and CMD is one of them.

The batch file acts as an intermediary between you and the command line. It is a file with extensions .bat, .cmd, .btm that contains CMD commands. When you startWhen you download a batch file, the commands written to it are executed sequentially in the command line. Otherwise, you will have to enter this line by line manually. A set of instructions is also referred to as a batch script.

[Recover] .BAT Files Do Not Start On Double Click

A Windows Batch File ( .bat ) is a special type of file that you can use to execute or automate a number of commands. The command line reads and interprets the command file and executes each command specified in the file.

A user may have accidentally linked the .bat files with a text editor or the .bat files associated with cmd.exe or settings changed in the registry. Once you set a file association for .bat files using the Open With dialog box or standard programs, you cannot revert to the default settings through the user interface. The only way to fix this problem is to change your registry settings.

To fix Windows batch file association, do the following:

Method 1. And Use .BAT File Association Registry Fix

  1. Visit the Windows 10 File Association Fixes page and download the .bat file association fix. If you are using an older operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can find links to fixes for those operating systems below on this page.
  2. Unzip the archive and run the attached recording file.
  3. Click “Yes” when prompted to confirm to continue.
  4. Click OK.

Method 2. Manually Fix The .BAT File Association

Attention! For security reasons, create a system restore point before proceeding. Incorrectly editing the Windows registry can cause serious problems.

  1. Start Registry Editor ( regedit.exe ).
  2. Access to the following key:
  3. Set the data to (standard) to batfile
  4. Access to the following key:
     HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT  batfile  shell 
  5. Make sure the data value (by default aniya) not defined. undefined value should be. If you see other text here, right-click the (default) value and select Delete .
  6. Then navigate to the next key:
     HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT  batfile  shell  open  command 
  7. Double click (Standard) and set the data to values:
    how to execute bat file in windows 7
     "% 1"% * 
  8. Go to the next branch:
     HKEY_CURRENT_USER  Software  Microsoft  Windows  CurrentVersion  Explorer  FileExts  .bat 

    Values ​​in one of its subkeys ( OpenWithList , OpenWithProgids , and UserChoice ) may cause a problem.

  9. Right-click the .bat key and select Delete . When prompted for confirmation, click Yes . Do not worry! This registry key and its three subkeys are simple and are only required if you want to override the default settings for mapping .bat files.
  10. Close the registry editor.

Method 3: Create Your Own .reg File To Automate The Steps Listed In Method 2

If you want to automate the steps listed in m In step 2, use this method. The difference between method 1 and method 3 is that in method 1 , every detail is .bat Registration complete is displayed. Although Method 2 is somewhat surgical, that is, it only searches for overwritten records and deletes them.

  1. Open Notepad or your favorite text editor.
  2. Copy the following lines and paste them into the editor.
     Windows Registry Editor 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Classes  .bat]@ = "batfile"[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Classes  batfile  shell]=[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Classes  batfile  shell  open  command]@ = "% 1"% * "[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER  Software  Microsoft  Windows  CurrentVersion  Explorer  FileExts  .bat]
  3. Save the file under any name with .reg extension, for example B. fix_bat.reg
  4. Double click fix_bat.reg to apply the configuration to the registry. Click Yes when prompted to confirm.

That's all! You have now corrected the batch file placement settings. Batch files should now work correctly when double clicked.

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