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Troubleshooting Tips I Can’t Watch YouTube Videos. An Error Has Occurred



You may receive an error code that says I cannot watch YouTube videos. An error has occurred. There are several ways to solve this problem. We’ll come back to this in a moment.



When I clicked a YouTube video to watch it on my computer, a message appeared on a black background: “An error occurred, please try again later.” This is not the first time I have encountered such a problem. I’m pretty sure you all have experienced this at some point.

I have noticed that there are several such complaints on YouTube and other forums about videos not loading or displaying “An error occurred, please try again later” on YouTube. < / p>

Since this is one of the most common YouTube problems that users encounter, I decided to share the troubleshooting methods you can do and watch your YouTube channels without any problems.

Errors while downloading YouTube videos are mostly related to poor internet connection or browser issues. So, try these simple steps before moving on to mouth methodsinjured malfunctions. They can solve your problem.

1. Refresh the site

2. Close all browser tabs while watching YouTube videos

3. Try to play the video in another browser

4. Restart your computer

5. Restart the router

6. Set up a faster internet connection

These techniques are often useful. Otherwise, select the methods below to play the video without errors.

Is your YouTube video corrupted and needs fixing?

You can only recover online videos streamed from the Internet if they are saved to your hard drive, SD card, USB stick, etc.

Videos stored on computer disks or other media may be damaged and cannot be played for various reasons such as virus infection, computer crash, improper download, etc. With a video fix tool like Stellar Repair for, you can make them perfectly reproducible again. Software repairs videos that cause errors, black screen, stuttering, flickering, desynchronization Loss of sound, no sound, or other problems.

1. Clear the cached data in your browser

2. Update your browser to the latest version

3. Disable or remove extensions

4. Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

5. Use the HTML5 player

6. Activate JavaScript in your browser

7. Refresh the site

8. Add Google Public DNS to your network connection

Method 1. Delete Cached Data In The Browser

Caches and cookies in your browser directory often cause errors when playing online videos. Watch YouTube videos after clearing cache data, cookies and browsing history in your browser settings.

How to clear cache data in Chrome:

Select “Settings”> “Advanced”> “Privacy