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The Best Way To Resolve Hardware Maintenance Issues



Hopefully this guide will help you after seeing the hardware troubleshooting interview questions.

Consider these common hardware and networking interview questions and answers:
  • What does network mean?
  • How to secure a computer network?
  • What does HTTP mean?
  • What is the bandwidth
  • What is an IP address?
  • How would you recover lost files from a virus-infected system?
  • What is ASCII?



  • Question 1. What is a computer?


    A computer is a programmable machine. It is an integral part of everyday life.

  • Question 2. What are the different functions of a computer?


    The computer performs the following functions:
    a) receives data
    b) processes data
    c) saves data
    d) views data

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  • Question 3. How is a minicomputer different from a mainframe?


    A minicomputer is a medium-sized, multiuser, multiprocessor computer. It is also known as a mid-range server. But mainframes are huge computers that usually take up entire rooms or floors. It is very expensive.

  • Question 4. What is a supercomputer?


    The fastest type of computer. Supercomputers are very expensive and are used for special applications that require huge mathematical calculations. For example, you need a supercomputer to predict the weather. Other applications for supercomputers include motion graphics, fluid dynamics, nuclear power research, and oil exploration.

  • Question 5. What is the difference between input and output devices?


    Input devices are used to enter into a computer. However, output devices are used to get the result from the computer. Examples of input devices are keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera, and so on, while output devices include a monitor, printer, projector, etc.

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  • Question 6. What is a storage device? What is the general classification?


    ArrangeStorage devices are used to store data on your computer. There are different types of storage devices: a) Magnetic devices.
    b) Optical devices.
    c) Semiconductor storage devices.

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    Question 7. What do you mean by a treatment device? What types of processing equipment are there?


    The main function of a computer is data processing. The different types of computer processing peripherals include:
    a) Microprocessor
    b) Chipset
    c) BIOS

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  • Question 8. What is the difference between serial and parallel interfaces?


    Serial port and parallel port are used to transfer data to / from a computer. When transmitted via the serial interface, only 1 bit is transmitted. Most of the PC’s serial ports conform to RS-232C or RS-422 standards. Parallel interface for connecting an external device, eg. B. printer. On personal computers, the parallel port uses a 25-pin (DB-25 type) connector and is used to connect printers, computers, and other peripheral devices that require relatively high bandwidth. It uses parallel data transmission.

  • Question 9. What is an interface?


    This is a communication channel through which your computer can communicate with various devices.

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    What is your troubleshooting process?

    The troubleshooting steps are as follows:
    1. Define the problem.
    2. Make a theory of probable causes.
    3. Check the theory to determine the cause.
    4. Make a plan of action to correct the problem and implement a solution.
    5. Make sure the system is fully functional and take preventive measures if necessary.