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Fixed: No Junit Fix Suggestions Found.



If you haven’t found junit on your computer, we hope this guide will help you. Right click your project -> Properties-> Java Build Path, go to the Source tab and add the test source folder. Restart Eclipse and start your Junit.




I need to solve a Java problem in an interview and have been sent a test course. Starts with

  import org.junit.Before; 

and has the following syntax in places:

  @RunWith (JUnit4.class)[email protected]@Exam 

I haven’t used Java for a long time, which confuses me a little. I downloaded Eclipse and when I try to compile this test file I get errors with import and @ signs. Import error occurs:

  Unable to resolve the imported org.junit file. 

And @RunWith is not even recognized because it is trying to convert it to a type.

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