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Help Fix MacBook Pro Error 5010f Error



Here are some easy ways to help you fix MacBook Pro 5010f error.



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MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012) OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 8:54 PM

I performed a restore and unplugged my hard drive to erase data. After clearing the data, I didn’t want to reinstall OS X Mavericks, so I shut down my MacBook Pro. After I enable it again, I cannot go back to the recovery settings. The image circling the world lasts forever and shows me an error message named -5010F. What does this mean? I just messed up my MacBook because it has already been repaired? Help me!


Added on 04/28/2014 11:20 PM


Shelby Lynn,

No, you haven’t ruined your MacBook Pro. To run OS X Internet Recovery over Wi-Fi, you need a WPA or WPA2 security connection. If your Wi-Fi connection does not support this feature, you cannot restore your MacBook Pro to the original Mac X Pro using Internet Recovery over Wi-Fi. You can also use Another Wi-Fi connection with this security feature, or you can use an Ethernet connection instead of a Wi-Fi connection, or you can make an appointment at the Apple Store and restore OS X for you.

Users User Profile: Shelby Leanne


Causes Of Apple MacBook Error Code 5010f

  • Full MAC OS X Installation
  • Internet disconnection during reinstallation
  • Problems with Catalog File Nodes
  • Corrupted header files.
  • Viral infection
  • Some incomplete installation applications
  • Incomplete removal of malicious or damaged files.
  • Use The Followingmethods To Resolve Error Code 5010F

    The main issue that caused you to be interrupted by error 5010F was the NVRAM of the affected Mac. In most cases, this can be fixed by resetting the memory settings of your computer’s operating system. It is always possible that the problem is related to [3] malware hidden on your system, which has corrupted some files and caused the error to appear. To make sure your system is virus-free, first scan it with antivirus software. If so, try Reimage Mac X9 Washing Machine to fix virus damage as needed. Then you can try any of these methods to fix error code 5010F.

    Solution # 1: Reset NVRAM On Mac

    Random Access Non-Volatile Storage is part of Mac storage. It stores information about speaker volume, screen resolution, boot disk selection, and current kernel panic reports.

    1. To reset NVRAM, shut down your Mac and restart your device.
    2. When you hear the bell, press and hold Option Command P R.
    3. Keep the combination pressed for 20 seconds. Release the keys when you hear the Star Chime again.
    4. After that, you may need to change the screen resolution, time zone information, and other settings again.

    Solution # 2: Reinstall Mac OS Using MacOS Utilities

    In this Utilities menu, you can uninstall the transfer and reinstall the operating system, as well as delete personal assignments and user accounts.

    1. Turn on your device and hold the Option, Command and R keys until the Apple logo appears.
    2. When the utility window appears, you will see that the download process is complete.
    3. Use Disk Utility to clean up your boot drive and hard drive, as well as other internal hard drives. Select your drive name and click Delete.
    4. Choose Mac OS Extended from the Format menu, then choose APFS. Enter a name for your hard drive and click Delete.

    This will erase all data on your hard drive, files and personal information. Once the process is complete, return to the Recovery menu and click Reinstall MacOS “. Follow the instructions on the screen. After the installation is complete, the device is restarted using the installation wizard.

    Solution # 3: Fixed Error Code 5010F Over Another Internet Connection

    You can run OS X Internet Recovery over Wi-Fi when connected using WPA or WPA2 security. If your Wi-Fi doesn’t have the option to do this, you can use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi.

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    How do I fix Mac verifying problem?

    What if your Mac checks for apps


    1. Update macOS and all your apps.
    2. Uninstall problematic apps and reinstall them.
    3. Take a look at the activity monitor.
    4. Uninstall any antivirus, security, or cleaning programs.
    5. Boot into Safe Mode and repair your hard drive.
    6. Disable app verification on macOS.
    7. Erase your Mac and reinstall macOS.

    How do I fix unresponsive keys on my MacBook Pro?

    Hold Shift Ctrl Option and the Power key at the same time. Release the buttons and see if the MagSafe adapter color changes momentarily. In this case, the SMC reset worked.

    How do I fix no entry sign on my MacBook Pro?

    Hold Shift Ctrl Option and the Power key at the same time. Release the buttons and see if the MagSafe adapter color changes momentarily. In this case, the SMC reset worked.